So you wanna read the news I do?

The following was written something in 2000, maybe? It's so far out of date as to be silly at this point. But the new list is at Favorites which I'm hoping to maintain more actively. Meanwhile, this can stay as a bit of history.

This is in response to the question: "How do you keep up with all the stuff going on it the computer business?" but it also partly answers the question: "Where do you FIND all those links that end up in Dave's Picks?"

Umm. I mostly stay away from pute magazines at this point, but the list I subscribe to in print are: C++ Report and MacTech Magazine.

The other vaguely-tech print sub I have is Scientific American, which has some pute news, but I've usually seen it elsewhere by the time the magazine arrives.

Other than that, I keep up to date by reading the following sites every morning:

They're all somewhat computer related, and most have links to external sources. The ones with stars are the ones I never miss, and the others are ones I usually read, but will skip if I'm busy or end up spending a long time reading something from one of the starred sites. I don't read every story, but I at least look at the headlines, and figure out what, if anything, I need to read more about.

As for the "real" online magazines, I end up reading articles in Wired, InfoWorld, MacWEEK, etc. when they're linked to by one of the sites I listed above, but I almost never go to their main pages to see what they've got.

It usually ends up being about an hour that I devote to reading those sites and the more political news at WorldNet Daily. That's my morning news.

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