Thoughts on Steve's Keynote (2002)

Well, Steve's keynote is done. There was some hoopla the night before, since Time Canada scooped Steve briefly. It enabled me to snarf a copy of the photos early, but I've deleted 'em now. The whole story is on CNET now if you're interested, and Time's story is up for real this time.

There's a spiffy new iMac (which isn't that far off what I'd heard from various rumors sites, Apple's hype notwithstanding). There's an iBook with a bigger screen, which is probably the coolest new thing Steve showed (the ice iBook was spiffy, but the screen was Just Too Small). And there's some new software. Nice incremental improvements. The new iMac has a cool form-factor, but it's just not making me drool.

Apple's stock dropped a little on the day, but it was about two percent, not a major move, given the amount of hype. We'll see what happens as the markets get a chance to absorb the information. I think most of the benefit of the new hardware is built into the stock price already. The new software will probably help draw more folks into the Apple fold, but I don't see a huge rush coming.

So what's it all mean? Not a whole lot, as far as I can tell. I still don't see a version of Mac OS X that I'm going to be running on an everyday basis, but I've always been slow in upgrading my OS. I depend on my computer too much to do otherwise. There's also the other upgrade cost. Moving to Mac OS X means over a thousand dollars in upgrades to other software I depend on. Probably closer to two thousand when I start thinking about the applications that haven't been released for X yet.

The new hardware is keen, and I've got a mild case of hardware lust, but it'll still be a while before I upgrade my 450MHz Blue and White G3. I'd like a faster, smaller machine, but I've got SCSI peripherals (CD burner and tape backup unit) that I need to keep using, as well as my ADB keyboard. I could probably ditch the keyboard, but I've got 12 years typing on this style keyboard and a change isn't going to be pleasant. I've also got a 19 inch monitor that I've decided is going to last me until I can afford a 21 or 25 inch flat-panel display.

On the software side, iDVD never really interested me. I still use SoundJam rather than iTunes. iPhoto looks good, but I do my image capturing and editing in ImageReady or PhotoShop.

So I think my overall take is that it's good news and some cool products, but nothing as earth-shattering as Apple's hype was implying. Maybe my techno-lust is just fading as I get older, but I don't feel any need to change from what I've got today. Maybe one of the new iBooks or PowerBooks sometime later in the year, but nothing today.

And I can see that I'm not alone in being underwhelmed. Some are pretty excited. Some don't seem to be sure. And then there's the relatively neutral voice of the news sites.

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