It’s not really about guns

I’ve been thinking a lot since writing my daily update earlier this morning.

The whole issue with the weapons policy bugs me, but as I was thinking, I realized that it’s not really about guns. It’s more about whether I want to work for a company which seeks to ban something I enjoy (not just guns, but all weapons, including the cooking knives I carry for tailgating).

As an analogy, I have some friends who are very enthusiastic about biking. They ride bikes nearly all year, including days when I think it’s too cold outside to even make the walk to my heated car. I started imagining their responses upon encountering a company handbook which said:

Bicycles are prohibited on company property.

I haven’t asked yet, but I’m pretty sure that at least a couple of them would make a special point of riding their bike to work every damned day, chaining it to a lamp-post just off company property, and then walking in to work in their spandex, helmet, and bike-shoes.

The right to ride a bicycle isn’t even constitutionally protected.

It’s not about guns. It’s about how I want to react to a company which seeks to limit my freedom to engage in an activity I enjoy.

Normally I would go on for paragraphs more, boring you with more and more details, but I think I’ll stop here. I’ve made my main point, and that’s enough for today.

Besides, it’s time to go figure out how I can live with the letter of the law.

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