trying to be more social

One of the big reasons I’m as busy as I am this holiday season is that I’ve been making a concerted effort to try and be more sociable. Since buying my house, I had spent a lot of time alone at home, and when I have gotten out, it’s mostly been with the same old crowd, going to the same old hangouts.

While that can be pretty comfortable, it was feeling like I’d fallen into a rut. Don’t get me wrong, I like the folks I hang out with and it was a darned comfortable rut, but the crowd had stabilized, and there haven’t been many new folks introduced into the circle in a while.

No new folks meant no possibilities for meeting that “special someone” that I still think is out there for me (probably because I’ve watched too many sappy movies). Most of my friends are either married or otherwise paired up, or are as hopelessly single as I am. That doesn’t lead to a lot of opportunities.

So, this holiday season I’ve been accepting almost every invitation that comes my way. It’s made for a pretty full calendar, but it’s also meant that I’ve met something like twenty or thirty gals in the past week. So far, no sparks, but I feel good for at least trying.

One of the things I’ve noticed though, is that my skills at meeting new folks, especially of the curvier sex, are pretty rusty. I’m trying to be more outgoing and at least introduce myself to ’em, and I guess that’s a step in the right direction. Right? But I can see that I’m going to need to keep working at it.

I’ve also been picking up some new clothes. As Steph commented yesterday, I’m starting to look like an adult. I think she means that as a good thing, and I’ve noticed that it’s easier to make a decent first impression when I’m dressed in something fancier than jeans and an OpenBSD T-shirt. Who’d ’a’ thunk?

I guess we’ll see how it works in the long run. So far, I’ve been having fun, and meeting new people. Of course most of them have been married, but hey, maybe they have single friends they can introduce me to sometime down the road. I’m pretty sure the relationship fairy won’t be stopping by to bop me with her magic wand, so I figure I’ve gotta get out there and give it a whirl.

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