I don’t want to hear it

Man, this year’s political season is ugly. Just one example: Saturday, while I was driving to the gun-shop, there were some people with a Bush/Cheney sign standing on the overpass where I was exiting. A small blue car with two frat-rats in it pulled up beside me (I was between them and the sign). The driver rolled down his window and repeatedly shouted Fuck Bush! loud enough that I could hear it in spite of having the radio on and the windows rolled up in my truck.

Behavior like that, and my reaction to it, has prompted me to write this rant.

I’m tired of everyone trying to exhort me to vote for their favorite candidate. Not only that, I had decided weeks ago that I wasn’t going to vote for either of the major-party candidates. Attepmts at this point to discuss politics with me are not only going to fall on deaf ears, they may well cause me to think less of you.

The repeated Bush Lied assertions were tired months ago. First off, if you think that a politician lying is something out of the ordinary, you make me question your powers of observation and reasoning. Not only that, I think in the case of the war on Iraq, Bush did what all humans do — he listened to the information he wanted to hear, and ignored information that didn’t fit his mental model. If you’ve never done that, you’re a better person than most, but being the cynical sort I am, I end up suspecting hypocrisy or denial, rather than any moral superiority on your part.

Not only that, I’m inclined to cut the President some slack. I was raised to respect the position, if not the man (the caveat came in about the time of Watergate). If a decision is easy, it doesn’t have to be decided by the president.

Then there are those who make repeated comparisons of Bush to Hitler. Look, I’m as upset about the power that the executive branch has accumulated as you are. Hell, I’m probably more upset. But do you honestly think that Kerry will be any better? If you’re against USA-PATRIOT, remember that Kerry not only authored the money-laundering provisions of it, he’s proud of the fact, and wants to expand those provisions. Both Bush and Kerry prefer an imperial presidency, and I think that’s one of the larger problems facing our country today.

Actually, I think I’ve got a better response to that. I’ll give you the Bush is Hitler thing. You just have to grant me that Kerry is Stalin. Sounds fair to me.

I don’t think that the President should be so powerful that he needs Secret Service protection. I get upset by it almost every time someone in government comes to town and they shut down roads. On Saturday afternoon, I-35W through Minneapolis was at a dead stop for over twenty minutes, as our imperious leader was being whisked from the Target Center to the airport. There was no advance warning, and thinking that the President is so important he needs that protection bothered me almost as much as being stuck in traffic. But again, the same thing happens when Kerry is in town.

Feh. A pox on both their houses. And a pox on anyone who tries to convince me otherwise.

Or maybe a punch in the nose. I’m feeling pretty cranky lately. You’ve been warned.

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