Tastybite sells food online. Specifically, Indian and Thai food, mostly vegetarian, but they also have some meat entrees.

I got my order a couple months ago. All of the meat entrees had leaked a bit, possibly due to getting frozen in transit with UPS, but the package design doesn't look so good for something that's going to be sold remotely. When I called in the first time, I missed their business hours, and left a message. I didn't get any reply. The second time I called in, I spoke with a customer service person who apologized for the leakage, said they'd had similar problems, and offered to send me replacements and look into the packaging problems.

The Beef RoganJosh was pretty yummy. A bit of heat, but not too much for most, I'd guess. The Vindaloo is pretty hot. The Chicken the mildest of the lot. I can't really recommend ordering any of them until the packaging issue is worked out, though.

The vegetarian entrees are another issue entirely. The packaging is good (except that the bags are foil-coated so you have to put them in a bowl before nuking, which is a minor pain). The dishes are tasty. I like the Simla Potatoes (Aloo Bhaji), but they're not big enough to be a meal for me on their own, and when you add rice, it's a pretty heavy load of starch. The Jaipur Vegetables (Navratan Korma) and Bombay Potatoes (Alu Chole) work better when served over rice, and they're pretty good vegetarian meals.

Another incredibly handly thing is that they can be stored on a shelf. No refrigeration needed until you open the package, and the servings are about the right size. And with a shelf-life of about 15 months on the ones I received, you can order a lot to stock up and just open one up when you're feeling hungry and lazy.

This was originally written in March of 2002.
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