Lee Reloading Equipment

Lee Precision, Inc. sells equipment for reloading ammunition.

One of the local gun stores is getting out of the gun business. The insurance costs and competition from bigger stores were killing 'em. Anyway, they're having a clearance sale on all their gun-related stock, and one of the items for sale was a Load Master. It's really more reloading press than I need, but it was marked down to the point that I couldn't pass it up.

The only problem was that the box had been opened, and most of the literature (such as how to put it all together) was missing. Having heard in the past about the great customer service at Lee, I decided to take a chance and buy it. When I got home, I called Lee's sales phone number, and explained the problem. After walking through the documentation that was supposed to be there (Do you have the primer feeder instructions? No. etc), I was told a catalog and the missing instructions were on their way. A couple days later, they'd arrived in the mail, and now I've got everything I need. Thanks, Lee!

This was originally written in September of 1999.
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