Online shopping when you're in a hurry

Today I was trying to buy a new mouse. My old one had started acting funny (I'd take my hand off it, and the cursor would keep creeping along my screen, even after cleaning the mouse), and that had bugged me enough that I sorta threw it across the room, and now it doesn't work at all. The round hockey puck that came with my B&W G3 is unacceptably small, and has no orientation clues, so I just needed a new mouse.

I went to the CNET Intellimouse Explorer page (CNet's great for comparison shopping), and started clicking around. Here's my (forced) two-hour survey of the online retailers I tried.

Sad to say, I finally just drove to the nearest CompUSA (aka CompUseless), found the hardware manager (since none were on the shelves), and he grabbed me one of the hundreds they had in the warehouse. Problem solved.

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