Deviant is a company in San Jose that sells, among other things, Liquid Latex. Since some friends of mine got married in late July of 1999 (you know who you are), I decided that some Liquid Latex would make them a swell wedding present. I placed an order by phone (Deviant doesn't sell directly through their website, since they don't want to upset their resellers) on a Friday. The goods arrived the following Monday, but there was a problem. One of the bottles had opened in the course of shipping, and the latex had oozed throughout the package, gluing things together pretty impressively. Especially since this was to be a present, I didn't want to give damaged goods. I called up Deviant, and after explaining the problem, a new order was on the way, including the suggestions I'd made to make the shipping process less likely to have problems (when shipping liquids, tape the containers closed and put "This side up" markings on the box). It arrived a couple days later, and all was well.

My friends are happy with the product ("The only thing more fun than painting it on is ripping it off!"), and I'm extremely happy with the customer service. Two thumbs up for Deviant.

Update, 15 January, 2000: Another great thing about Deviant is that Jerry & Yana are real live people. I got an email today from Jerry asking if they could use my review on their website. I'm flattered they found this review (Jerry actually tracked a back-link in the logs on their server), and even more happy that they asked before just snarfing it. Of course I said yes. I'd give 'em three thumbs up, but I don't seem to have a third thumb.

Oh, and they share the view I expressed in Why UPS frustrates me. See the Shipping section of their DEVIANT Product Retail Pricing page. Be prepared to chuckle.

Lastly, Liquid Latex seems to be turning into a popular wedding gift among folks I know. I'm glad I helped start that trend.

This was originally written in September of 1999.

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