Capital One doesn't check their data

Capital One sent an application for a credit card to one of the students who used to live in the same building I run my business from. Only problem was that the application had my business' name on it. I hadn't vented any spleen for a while, so they got the following letter.

Polaschek Computing, Inc.

28. October, 1999

Capital One Small Business Services
ATTN: Customer Relations
PO Box 85015
Richmond, VA 23285-5015

To whom it may concern:

Today I received a solicitation to apply for a credit card with Capital One, sent to the attention of  . I spoke with one of your customer service representatives about this, and was assured I would be removed from your solicitation database, but wanted to elaborate on the conversation we had.

 is not, and has never been an officer or employee of Polaschek Computing, Inc. She was briefly a tenant in another unit within the same multi-unit building. I am not certain how you came to associate her name with Polaschek Computing, Inc., but suspect you looked at similar addresses and leapt to an incorrect conclusion. I also suspect that the only reason I received the letter is because she did not file a change of address notice with the USPS. I do not know if you've sent other solicitations to other previous or current tenants of this building, but if you have, you did so in error.

The fact that you have sent solicitations for business credit cards out to people without knowing whether or not the information you have is correct concerns me deeply. Since this poses a risk to the good credit reputation of my business, and may be part of a larger pattern of overly aggressive solicitation, I am copying this letter to the appropriate regulating agency as well.

Your reference number on the solicitation was  .

Please remove Polaschek Computing, Inc. from your solicitation list.

If you have issued any credit in the name of Polaschek Computing, Inc. to any person, that credit was issued without the approval of the officers of the company. No credit accounts with Capital One have been approved by any officer of Polaschek Computing, Inc. I suggest you cancel any such credit cards that may have been issued.

I would also appreciate it if you could provide me with the source of your erroneous information so I can contact the appropriate company and make sure that Polaschek Computing's credit history is not being tarnished by any credit cards that may have been issued in error.


David Polaschek, President

cc: Elaine Yancey
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
PO Box 27622
Richmond, VA 23261

cc: Attorney General Consumer Division
445 Minnesota St.
Suite 1400
St. Paul, MN 55101-2131

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