Egg-whisking bowl

Yes, I actually have a bowl (two of them) that’s dedicated to whisking eggs. Well, it can also be used to hold cheese to go into an omelette, but that’s about all I ever use them for.

The Egg-Whisking Bowl
The Egg-Whisking Bowl

See the bowls are both ones I bought for soup. They’re taller and have less surface area than a normal soup-bowl, and I prefer that. The problem is that after I got the set of four of them home, had dropped one, and then had another crack open in the microwave, making for a very soupy nuke, I discovered that they were breakfast-cereal-bowls, and are most emphatically not microwave safe. But I don’t eat breakfast cereal more than once or twice a year, so they’re both omelette bowls to me.

The nice thing about them is that they’re not so big that a single egg spreads out into a thin coating on the bottom. You can whisk the white from a single egg into a froth if you so desire. And because the sides are relatively upright, you can still use the bowl for a half-dozen eggs at once, and not have to worry too much about slopping egg all over the kitchen.

I like them. I just wish I could find soup bowls that made me as happy.

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