U of M Statement on Weekend Disturbances

Statement of Robert Jones, vice president for Campus Life on weekend disturbances

On Saturday night and early Sunday morning (April 6 and 7), thousands of Minnesotans were celebrating the wonderful triumph of the University of Minnesota hockey team becoming national champions.

Unfortunately, for some of the people gathered in the Dinkytown area and on the East Bank campus this celebration crossed the line into mob behavior that included violence, endangering others people, and property damage both on and off the University campus.

Officers from the Minneapolis and the University Police were deployed to prevent further violence and property damage and to dispel the crowds, and a significant number of people were arrested.

This kind of violent and uncivil behavior cannot and will not be tolerated by the University, or the surrounding community.

Those who were arrested at the event will face the judgment of the criminal justice system and the University will fully cooperate with the civil authorities in this matter. Students who are identified as committing acts that violate the Student Code of Conduct will be referred to the University Judicial System for appropriate action. Penalties can include requirements for community service, probation, suspension, or dismissal from the University.

When gatherings become destructive to the life, property, or rights of others, they are also destructive to each of us and to the community as a whole.

We recognize that the great majority of our students did not and would not participate in this kind of destructive behavior. It's important for every student to recognize that if they are in attendance at a function where this kind of behavior is occurring, they may be placing themselves in danger. We would like you to take good care of your community.

Again, we are working to identify University of Minnesota students who were involved.

In closing, I want to say I am sorry to our neighbors and the majority of our students who celebrated responsibly but may be tainted by the misconduct of a few.

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