November 15, 2001

Another beautiful day. Another 23 miles on the trike.

Today I rode across the river, down West River Road to the Ford Bridge and across. Then downriver past the Ford Plant and into Hidden Falls/Crosby Farm Regional Park. This was new territory to me, and there were a few neat things along the way. There's the Tunnel of Terror (with the Halloween signs still up) at the Watergate Marina, just across from Pike Island. And there's also Crosby Lake. I'd been in Hidden Falls Park before, but haven't ever been through the Crosby Farm park. I've also been along that part of Shepard Road, but only in a car. It was nice to actually see more through there.

From the park, it was out onto the path adjacent to Shepard Road and back towards home. I though briefly about climbing the hill and swinging by the Summit Brewery, but the climb up Elway St. didn't look like something I wanted to do, and I was over an hour late for the tour, anyhow. Shepard Road has a nice gradual slope, and that just looked a lot more inviting. In all, the return trip was pretty boring, and I've covered most of it before. I basically followed the East River Road all the way home and that was that.

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