November 10, 2001

The basic route was Cedar Lake Trail, north branch, Ewing exit. Cedar Lake Parkway to Wirth Parkway to Victory Memorial Parkway to 45th Ave. N, through the park, across the Camden bridge, St. Anthony Parkway to California St. NE, to 27th Ave. NE, to 2nd St. NE to 14th Ave. NE to Main St. NE to 8th Ave NE to Boom Island Park to Nicollet Island and home.

Then I decided that the 20 mile loop I'd done wasn't quite enough, so I took Energy Park Drive just past 280 and then back the U of M transitway to 18th Ave SE into the Dinkytown Trench, to 6th Ave SE, back up the hill and home again, adding 5 more miles.

25 miles. 3 hours elapsed. 2.5 riding. Peak speed of 34.5 mph this time. Woo!

The bike path along Wirth Parkway and Victory Memorial Parkway is real old. It's pretty beat up, and I wouldn't recommend it unless you've got a real soft-riding bike. I spent most of my time on the street once I got out of Wirth Park. Luckily, both of those have a parkway in the middle, two strips of green on either side, then two small streets and then the houses along the parkway.

Another snag is that there's a nice path from 45th Ave. N into the North Mississippi Park, but there's no curb cut there. Grumble.

Other than that, a relatively pleasant ride.

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