November 5, 2001

Another unseasonably beautiful day (what's with almost 70 degrees in November in Minnesota? I don't know, I'm just going to enjoy it), so another ride.

I started out intending to take the Cedar Lake Trail to the SW LRT corridor to Hopkins. So across the Stone Arch Bridge, up West River Parkway to 4th Ave N. To 2nd St. N so I could jog down to 3rd Ave N, which drops me on the Cedar Lake Trail.

Rode Cedar Lake Trail out to the Kenilworth trail portion. Along the way, there's been a burn-off of the brush along the sides of the trail, so there's a smoky smell in the air, and charred grasses on either side of the trail, but a better view. Once I got to the end of the Kenilworth Trail, I discovered that they still don't have the bit where it actually connects to the SW LRT corridor done, so I just went down along Lake Calhoun, around Lake Harriet, stopping partway around to admire the scenery. There were lots of pretty gals rollerblading or running or biking around the lakes over lunchtime, and it was good just to sit. And when I wasn't watching people, there was a nice view of downtown.

Continued around Lake Harriet, then back to Calhoun, up Dean Parkway to Cedar Lake Parkway, and back on the trail.

Total trip, 20 miles. 1:45 riding time. 2 hours elapsed. Taking a 15 minute break when I decide to turn around an head home seems to be SOP at this point. Oh, and I somewhat intentionally planned well. There was a 10-20mph SW wind, so I rode into the wind most of the way out, and had it at my back on the way home.

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