Ride, 17 October, 2001

Route: Stone Arch Bridge across river, W. River Road to Fort Snelling. Up and across Mendota Bridge. Took picture of downtown St. Paul.

Back across the bridge, and down to the river again. Rode through Ft. Snelling State Park to the west. Came across the picnic table graveyard.

Up Post Road, to E 70th St. Down 34th Ave past the National Cemetery to the 494 Frontage Road to the Cedar Ave. frontage road (which was closed, but that didn't stop me. Due to airport construction, all the fences between the frontage road and the airport are down, and a guy could probably walk right out onto the runways if he wanted.

Anyway, while I was circling the airport, my front derailleur got mad, so I had to do a bit of repair, and cobbled it into shape so it was just stuck in the middle chainring, which is where I spend most of my time anyhow. Across Cedar on E 66th, Up Bloominton to cross 62. E 60th St across to Chicago, to Minnehaha Parkway. The bike path is still under construction, so up Portland through downtown, back across the Stone Arch Bridge and home.

About 30 miles altogether.

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