Monday, September 10

Woo! I spent about an hour before going for a ride today finding the last places in the chain where tight links were causing me problems. I'm not positive, but I think one of them was from where I replaced one of the quick-release links (which looked like it had stretched or something, and was causing problems). Now aside from a few minor adjustments left to be made (the derailleurs are both off just a smidge, most likely from cable-stretch), the trike shifts great.

Today's ride to test things out was a few short loops, followed by a longer loop. I first took 8th St SE across the freeway, then along 11th Ave SE, back across the pedestrian bridge at 5th St SE, and home. less than a mile, but it gave me a chance to make sure I had everything hunky-dory with the chain.

Then the longer loop. Took the Stone Arch Bridge, then downriver along West River Parkway. Up onto bridge 9 to stop and look at the river and tweak the derailleur a little. Back, down to the river parkway and downstream through the Riverside Park to Franklin Avenue, where rather than taking the approved bike route up the hill, I took the steeper route on the upriver side of Franklin Avenue. It took two stops partway up to make it up this hill, but it's a good, steep, long hill, and I think I'll attempt it regularly to see how my legs are doing.

Then it was across the river at Franklin Avenue and along East River Road. The climb onto the bridge over I-94 is short and steep, and my legs hadn't fully recovered from climbing out of the river gorge on the other side yet. Harvard, Union and Pleasant streets through the U of M, and back home. With the wandering around, it made just slightly over 8 miles altogether, with a couple good hills. I took my time, and spend 50 minutes, which meshes pretty well with my average "in town" speed where I have to stop for lights, stop-signs, traffic, and slow down for pedestrians and such.

And that was a short enough ride that I decided to go out for more after dinner. Just a quick loop up East River Road to Nicollet Island, to Boom Island Park across the Plymouth bridge, down West River Road, across the Stone Arch Bridge, and home. 5.5 miles. 45 minutes, including about a 5-minute break to take a few pictures from Boom Island Park. You can see pretty much the whole route on the Mississippi Mile Map

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