Sunday, September 9, 2001

Whew! After more than a week without riding, due to a cold that had me completely wiped out, I put in 14 miles. A good ride, but a couple miles farther than I probably should have gone. It was a fairly nice route, though.

I took the U of M transitway from Minneapolis over to St. Paul. At Energy Park Drive, I encountered a ton of riders from the Saint Paul Classic. I rode in the opposite direction from them along the transitway and Como Avenue. Then I looped around Lake Como and took a break.

After a ten minute break looking at the lake, I continued around Lake Como on the bike path. Bumped into the organized ride again, and paralleled them until I got to the Como Golf Course where they took a left, and I took a right. Up Lexington (short but steep hill) and then West towards Snelling. Arona South to Midway. West through the fairgrounds, where I hit just under 24 mph on the downhill to the grandstand, then up to the St. Paul Campus of the U of M, along Commonwealth to Como, and then Como Avenue back home. The downhill past Luther Seminary saw me hit 24.9mph. Couldn't quite make it to 25mph, but I managed to carry the speed a good distance into Minneapolis, since I managed to catch the green light at the bottom of the hill.

Total time, about 90 minutes. My legs are a little tired, but it's a good kind of tired.

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