Rides, 28 August, 2001

Today saw two rides. The first was a morning ride just under 14 miles, round trip to Calhoun Cycle (with a break for some repairs, tightening of bits, etc.). I got to explore the Cedar Lake Trail for the first time on the way there.

Discovered a few things. There are some steep hills that still give me fits, but I'm getting better all the time. And as long as I don't have to drop to the complete granny gear (14 gear inches for the bike geeks), I'm getting better at keeping my cadence above 70rpm. I'd like to move that up to 80 before the snow flies, and there's signs I'll make it.

Also, the Trice Explorer can get misaligned. I think I've done it to the rear-end again already after Luke straightened it this morning. My theory is that I'm doing this because I'm a bigger guy than they designed the trike for. When climbing hills (especially in the granny gear) I generate a lot of torque. Also, I'm not terribly shy about jumping down a curb if I it'll save me a long trip out of my way to a curb-cut when it's time to leave a bike-path and get on to city streets. I try and take the curbs as straight-on as possible, but they probably didn't optimize the design for that kind of treatment.

Finally, the chain-path on the Explorer isn't quite ideal for me. If I'm getting close to full leg extension, my calf is broad enough that it brushes the chain about once every dozen times around. I think I may need to extend the pedals out from the trike a little in order to deal with that. Also, the Teva sandals I've been wearing have wide enough heels that they sometimes brush the chain. Either of these will cause the rear derailleur to hop a gear one way or the other if it isn't aligned exactly right. And in spite of Luke tweaking it, and me tweaking it farther, it still isn't aligned exactly right. More tweaking will probably get it right, but keeping my foot and calf off the chain is probably a better long-term plan.

Anyway, after I got home, my allergies kicked in with full force. I finally gave up and took a Benadryl and a 3.5-hour nap. My eyes were still burning when I woke up, but I was done sneezing, at least.

This evening's ride was a 5-mile circle with a friend. Across the Stone Arch Bridge, along West River Road up to Plymouth Avenue. Across the river, through Boom Island Park, Nicollet Island, to East Hennepin and then home on 8th St SE. No problems with the nighttime traffic on East Hennepin or 8th Street. I suspect that has as much to do with Minnesota Nice as with driving the trike like I'm traffic (a la Effective Cycling), but it's nice having people actually notice me and not treat me like a target.

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