Ride, 27 August, 2001

So I decided to see how I could do on some more real miles than just to and from the Saints game. Got back an hour and a half ago and my legs are a good kind of tired.

Went across the 10th Avenue bridge - winding through campus to west river road. river road to lake st. South on 46th Ave to 32nd st. West.

Swung by TrackStar to see if Tom the Tailor was in. I had a leather jacket along to drop off for alterations. Anyway, that was Minnehaha and 32nd. He wasn't in.

South on Minnehaha to 46th. Down to Lock and Dam 1. Exhilirating downhill to the dam. Crap. I'm going to have to climb back up. Drinking fountains are shut off and pop machine won't take my money. Crap. Drink from the sink 'cuz I'm really thirsty and my bottle is empty. As I'm leaving I find out from the maintainance guy that the water supply is tainted with bacteria. Hope I'm healthy enough to deal with that.

Anyway, up the hill. Granny gear. Top speed 2.8 mph. Oof.

Across Ford Bridge, to East River Road. Upstream into Minneapolis. Down the way-steep switchback path to the walkway along the river. Upstream to river flats. Had to walk trike up about 20 feet of the road out of the flats (below Coffman - construction zone), since it was gravel and I couldn't get enough traction to climb it. Oh, and the cable on my front derailleur has slipped by this time, so I couldn't shift into the granny chainring without leaning forward and "helping" it by hand.

Up river road and through campus to University Ave & 14th Ave SE. to 4th St. SE. To 8th Ave SE. Home.

Not sure of the exact mileage. It was under 20 miles, but not by a lot (bike computer misbehaved on the first couple miles). Elapsed time, 2:52, but I spent about a half-hour walking around Lock and Dam 1, then another 35-40 minutes talking to a guy on east river parkway who was curious about the trike. I'd have finished in under 2 hours if I'd ridden straight through.

As it stands, I feel pretty good. Allergies are acting up a bit, but they didn't bother me while I was riding -- just when I stopped.

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