How I got started on trikes

After a couple years of back troubles (I'm a computer programmer with poor posture and "programmer's butt"), I went on a search for a way to ride that wouldn't aggravate my back, or cause me to have numb fingers after a ride. Oh, I have bad knees too, so I wanted something that I could gear low enough to spin, rather than have to grind on.

A friend has a recumbent bike. After looking into them and taking a few for test-drives (sadly, I didn't make it to Calhoun Cycle at this point - brain-damage, I guess), I decided I didn't like feeling tippy. I started looking into trikes on the net (last winter).

Decided that the Trice, Greenspeed and Earth Cycles Dragonflyer (in reverse alphabetical order) sounded like the best bets. Since Earth Cycles was local, I went up to their shop, met Shean, test rode one (wearing Sorel boots and winter coat) last January and placed an order in early February. The main reason for choosing Earth Cycles was that they were local and I could see trikes being built and the workmanship looked good.

Then Earth Cycles went out of business.

Wanting something to ride before the summer was completely shot, I pressed Shean. He promised delivery "in a month" through most of the summer. On August 15th, I came to the conclusion that he wasn't going to deliver, so I called the credit card company and revoked payment. On August 16th, I went to Calhoun Cycle, and they had a Trice Explorer coming in that day. I put down my money. Took delivery August 18. It didn't have quite all the features I wanted (most notably the Hope Mini disc brakes), but it was available NOW.

I've got about 55 or 60 miles on it (took me around 20 miles to figure out how to mount the sensor for the bike computer), and this morning did my first 15 mile round-trip ride. I'm very much digging the trike. I'm not setting any land-speed records, not having pedalled for more years than I'd like to admit. While I've had tired legs after many of my rides, my knees haven't given me any problems.

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