Sexual Abuse at St. John's

This is a collection of all the links I've had since April 21, 2002 about the sexual abuse by monks at St. John's Abbey. Why am I doing it? Well, I knew some of the monks who have been accused. I also knew some of their victims. And when I first pointed to the stories back in April, I ended up getting email from a number of folks I knew from school who thanked me for finding the articles. I think keeping a list here is a worthwhile thing for me to do.

I've tried to keep my original comments in place with minimal editing here, but each link also has a pointer back to the day when I first commented on it, so you can read what I had to say as the story unfolded. Journalism, in the sense of keeping a journal.

Sadly, most of these links are dead, less than a month after the story started. The St. Cloud Times only keeps articles online for three days. The Star Tribune, only three weeks. Neither has set up a special archive section for these articles, and neither offers an option to purchase a copy of the article from the original link.

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