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Dave Polaschek
Better Nerds®


I have over twenty years experience in software development, working for companies ranging from Fortune 500 leaders, to small, privately-held companies. Since 1990, I have concentrated on programming within the Desktop Publishing industry, working with companies to make products suited to the everyday needs of publishing, prepress, and graphic-design professionals. I have worked on teams ranging in size from two-dozen programmers to a one-man team.

My primary focus since 1990 has been Macintosh software development, but most of my employers and clients have had cross-platform requirements, and I have developed software which works on Mac, Windows and Unix operating systems during that time.

I have developed complete applications, starting from nothing more than a nebulous idea, but I find I prefer maintenance programming, adapting and enhancing existing solutions to changing needs. Since the introduction of Mac OS X, the vast majority of my work has been updating existing applications to use Mac OS X more effectively. My most rewarding work has resulted in “negative lines of code” where modern operating systems have allowed removal of large amounts of special-case code, replacing it with smaller, simpler, faster, and more maintainable code for clients.

And while it is easy for a maintenance programmer to focus on fixing existing problems, I try to use my experience in software development to help improve quality even after I have left a project. I want to make software better, not only for users, but for future developers. I don’t take the name of my business “Better Nerds” lightly. I would like to see an entire industry of Better Nerds, making better software.

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