Mr. Know-It-All

John's been divorced three times
Yet every time he sees me
He advises me upon romance
Unasked, he gives it freely
He's certain that his expertise
With women is big help to me
Even though when he gets home
His house will still be empty

Mister Know-It-All, hats off to you

Ray's been drinkin' at the bar
It's bolstered up his confidence
Suddenly a music expert
He begins consulting us
He couldn't keep a tune inside a safe
That doesn't matter
He's certain he could even make
Hank Aaron a better batter

The priest is fond of little boys
The neurotic's a psychologist
They love to tell you what to do
There's a know-it-all in all of us

Even though in his own life
He doesn't have a clue
When it comes to un-asked-for advice
He's Sherlock Holmes to you

Lyrics by Scott Yoho
Copyright 1992, Auto Order Music (BMI)
Used entirely without permission.
But I'll buy Scott a beer.
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