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wake n. A party in honor of the dearly departed. In contrast to a last supper, the wake is held after a layoff.

wardrobe enhancement n. Personal collection of LM tee-shirts awarded after a software release.

warm-up n. Stopping at home for a couple drinks before going to a party, for example tossing back a couple brews at Club Cow.

warp n. Indicates a quantity of drinks, usually beers to retrieve when tall. First person says, "warp one, " second person says, "warp two," and so forth. Derived from Star Trek.

Wet Jenga n. The game of Jenga played with beer-soaked blocks. Pieces are moved with either the hands or the teeth. Pioneered by JamesL at the LX 4.00a/Old Man ToddL's Birthday Party at Club Cow. [**]

weird out vt. To scare or startle another; to stupify. I thought you were serious; dude, you really weirded me out.

WhinePrinter [bastardization] n. Nickname given the WinPrinter product during the first software release by software developers. To conserve paper during testing, much of the low-level queue list handling was done without paper in the tray, so it was common to see several dozen "WinPrinter is out of paper" message boxes per day.

Whore, the n. Wry name given WinPrinter Release 1.00 by JanisM. Dave, are you spending the night with the Whore again? (See nap room, crunch mode, home life).

Wiffle-Ball Dome n. Large shipping dock in Hardware Land where one-on-one games of hoops are played and free throws are practiced.

winDOwS [bastardization] n. Witty nickname given Microsoft Windows because of its need to run hand-in-hand with MS-DOS.

Windoze [bastardization, WINdows + DOZE] n. Witty nickname given Microsoft Windows because it is slow.

Win.* n. 1. Any member in the WinPrint product family, e.g., the WinPrinter 800, 1200, WinJet 300, 360xls, 800, 1200, etc. 2. The entire WinPrint family.

WinJet n. A WinPrinter, but without a LM supplied print engine. It included a special connector that you could plug into your HP LaserJet.

winning v. 1. Enjoying correct code; beating the computer. Chiefly asked by a mangler in a question such as, "Are we winning?" 2. Having fun inflicting various degrees of frustration and torture upon a software engine. See Ctrl-Alt-Power.

WinPrint n. See Harold.

WinPrinter n. See Harold.

who am I interj. Uttered when your mind is completely blank and you're doing something trivial that you should remember what you're doing, but you can't. The inference being, if you can't remember what you were doing, how could you possibly remember your own name. Related to whoami under Unix. Later popularized by Adm. Ret. James Stockdale, who was Ross Perot's running mate in 1992.

Wok-the-Dog [nickname] n. Eden Restaurant, a place which does not excel in the area East-Asian cuisine. See shrimp toes.

woo interj. Expression of non-excitement, always spoken in a droll tone.

Word Pig [bastardization] n. Word Perfect, a popular word processor.

works as designed v. To work improperly, but in a way perfectly matching the design. interj. Said when the design is broken or Wrong.

works as implemented adv. A statement void of substance. Generally, said of a bug or (mis)feature that could be fixed for the current release, but won't be, usually due to time constraints. Also said of bugs that were thought to be working as designed, except the software engine either didn't understand the design, or no design ever existed. See big N, README thing, desired feature, known bug.

woooo interj. 1. The code I just wrote compiled, linked, and ran the first time! 2. I told you so. 3. Weee! We're going fast! In both cases it is important to hold the arms above the head and let the hands flop around.

Wrong v. Nefarious; profusely broken; morally and ethically wrong; designed in a perfectly evil way. Said of software coding (mal)practices, especially repeated ones. Sometimes spoken "wrong with a capital W." See also Barbism, BobCat, strcain.

wrong-endian v. Big-endian; MSB-first. Characteristic of a CPU which doesn't allow recasting of a pointer to a scalar type into a pointer to a scalar type of a smaller size and still retain the value. For example, a pointer to a 32-bit integer with value 666 cannot be recast to a pointer to a 16-bit value without changing the value (dereferencing the new 16-bit pointer rudely accesses the high 16 bits of the original 32-bit value, giving 0). The Motorola 680x0 series of processors used in Apple Macintosh computers are wrong-endian. (See also right-endian.)

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