Jargon - V


vacation n. Like a weekend, but you don't have to come in and work. Unless you want to.

video switch n. 1. A software/hardware modification added to a laser printer to allow it to switch vertical resolutions (for example, 300 dpi to 400 dpi). Some HP LaserJet Series II printers (~100 in the world) were modified by RD2 to run at 300 and 400. See also resolution switch.

Virtual Monday n. A Tuesday or Wednesday after an extended weekend, for example after Memorial Day. Virtual Monday is synonymous with Bayon day. A virtual Monday is akin to the standard "Memorial Day observed" seen on calendars.

Virtual Friday n. Sunday night or Monday morning; if something is due by Friday, it's really due by Monday morning.

Visual Cobol n. Mythical language optimized for developing bad, slow applications in an integrated Windows environment. See also Turbo Cobol++.

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