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ultra-mega-über- prefix. Exceptionally outstandingly super. For example, Ultra-mega-über Schwing!

unh interj. 1. The one-word vocabulary of an engineer too broken to say broken. 2. Formal greeting when harried, tired, or broken.

Untied Noodle [bastardization] n. United Noodle, an Asian grocery store. [Ed. note: The use of the word "untied" for "united" originated with Jon Carroll, who first used it in an article in the S. F. Chronicle to describe a method of donating money (withdraw $100 from an A.T.M. machine and give $20 to each of five homeless people) that was an antithesis of the United Way.]

upload v. To vomit (a lot), as in Dude, you look like you just did a major upload. So ya ready to drink some more?

upstairs n. Software running on the host processor, as opposed to running on the controller.

Ushi Gumi n. Cow Group in Japanese.

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