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RageMaker [bastardization] n. Aldus PageMaker. Also PageWrecker.

R&D n. 1. The coolest division of LaserMaster. 2. A highly cohesive group of wacked-out computer geeks in continuous crunch mode.

R&D Black Box n. According to CEO Mel Masters, this is something that you put money in one end and wait to see what neat products come out the other end. See R&D.

reacharound n. Synonym for "workaround" but implying less work and more reaching.

README thing n. A bug, artifact or feature not described in the manual that should be included in the README file before shipping. See known bug. Usually something that cannot be fixed in time, as in Sounds like a README thing.

really pretty sorry interj. Less apologetic than pretty sorry, but more apologetic than actually really pretty sorry. Gee, I'm really pretty sorry about that.

rebooting n. The several-step process by which one returns to sanity after a software release: drinking (at a release party), practicing landscape mode, various levels of brokenness, and finally TurboRest and maybe a day or two off. After rebooting, the mind is clear for new development.

reclease [bastardization] n. Final or intermediate software release. The new reclease is up. I'm making the new reclease in 5 minutes. When's the next reclease? Also rerease.

reeb [flessage] n. Beer. Hey Gargoyle, how 'bout you pass me a couple of them there reebs?

Release n. The directory L:RELEASE/x, a destination for software releases during release mode, where x is defined by the release manager and generally relates to the current release number. Release components (program and data files) are copied from Prerel to Release by the release manager and may not be modified, overwritten or deleted by others without prior express written and verbal consent of the release manager.

release manager n. Person responsible for coordinating and building intermediate software releases during release mode.

release mode n. State of software life-cycle during which beer is consumed, bugs are fixed and new features are designed. See crunch mode, release party.

release of the week n. The current release. Said of such during repeated, consecutive release modes, for instance the first three TX releases and the first three WinPrinter releases.

release party n. A brief and intensely euphoric period between software releases in which large quantities of alcohol are consumed and a new item of wardwobe enhancement is obtained. The parties were usually held at Club LM or in the hardware kitchen. A few release parties were held at Club Cow until sometime in 1994 when the tradition seems to have petered out. See also broken, release mode, crunch mode.

requested enhancement n. 1. Eventual home of bugs originally reported by QA and marked works as designed by software engines. 2. A bug that probably won't get mentioned in product reviews. See desired feature.

rerease [bastardization] n. Final or intermediate software release. I'm gonna go make a rerease. Also reclease.

reserach [bastardization] n. Research. Misspelling of "Research" on the front of the LX Software Release 3.20 wardrobe enhancement; the name stuck.

reset v. To switch one's mode of thinking or operation; to look at a problem in a new way; to reorganize.

resolution switch v. To switch vertical resolutions. See video switch.

respoon v. Opposite of despoon. To reposses a previously discarded spoon from the middle of the table when you realize that you are getting soup after all. See power steak.

Revenue Net n. Any network connector which is unreasonably expensive or designed to prevent the use of any other vendor's hardware. Perhaps first applied in R&D Land to the "Apple Ethernet Thin Coax Transceiver" required to get Quadra 900's on Ether.

Reverend Jack n. Jack Daniels brand whiskey. Best with Choke in a J.D. Co'.

reversed [bastardization] v. Reserved. "All rights reversed."

rice me interj. Request for additional rice with plate held in outstretched arms.

right arm [bastardization] interj. Right on. Usually exclaimed after good news, or after a program hangs. "Right arm, dude!"

right-endian v. Little-endian; LSB-first. Opposite of wrong-endian. Processors such as the DEC PDP-11 and VAX, the Intel 8080 and 80x86 series, and the MOS Technology 6502 are all right-endian.

right out v. A bad thing; out of the question. Origin: Monty Python. No, that would be right out.

ROB failure [acronym] n. 1. Output from a downloader (in specific the LX microcode downloader) when a Ripped-Off Board (illegal PPAL) is detected. 2. interj. Exclaimed in glee when RobL makes a mistake (usually by CraigL).

rude out vt. To gross out; to fully disgust. Even the smell of it rudes me out!

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