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QA [acronym] n. Quality Assurance; group in R&D responsible for ensuring software fitness. See ship it. Briefly renamed to QTE (for Quality Testing and Evaluation) when a particular mangler became frustrated at the lack of ability to assure anything. Renamed back to QA when he committed suicide.

QDL n. [acronym] Quick Download font. LaserMaster's first font format. Back when DoubleJet Native Mode was the state-of-the-art, QDL's were the answer to slow PCL softfont downloading. QDL files are a binary image of a bitmap with a 2,400 pixel pitch. The first two lines of the bitmap are actually header data for the font, and the other lines contain the bitmaps for the characters packed into as few lines as possible.

QOL n. [acronym] Quick Outline font format used in the LX. QOL's were created to extend LC2 functionality with scaleable fonts. They did not include hints, so QDL's were still used to provide high quality at small sizes. QOL's were created from Bitstream Fontware outline fonts by dropping the hints and converting arcs to Bezier curves.

quadjillion n. A lot; a nebulous large amount. No association with jillion.

quest away v. Affirmative response to a question about asking a question. Can I ask you a stupid Windows question? Quest away!

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