Jargon - Miscellaneous Phrases

Miscellaneous Phrases

No sign sayin' ya can't _ Infallable third grade logic: No sign sayin' we can't sit here. or Do you think Dave would mind if I accidentally ate some of his pretzels? No sign sayin' ya can't!

Sure, it's all fun and games until somebody loses a file. Take-off on an age-old theme.

It's not fun until somebody loses a eye. Take-off on an age-old theme.

Everything you ever wrote is broken! Playful insult from one programmer to another.

So you know one thing. A last-gasp attempt to save face when losing an argument.

Stick it in the kitty. Poker term; imperative indicating that a sum of money should be placed into the kitty. For example, if you give someone a few bucks for beer and they kindly decline, you can say, Aw, just stick it in the kitty. Not a nice thing to say if there are cats around.

Must _ Indication of extreme intensity and determination. Must...print...file! Must...consume...pizza! Originally from the old Superman serials, when Superman can barely move and breathe because of some Kryptonyte: Must_save_Lois!

..., I'm thinkin'. 1. Expression of agreement, usually over something obvious. We're gonna hafta have a BUG meeting this Friday. I'm thinkin'. 2. Flavoring words added to one's own statements. This new editor sure doesn't suck, I'm thinkin'.

I'll buy that for a dollar. Expression of agreement, usually over something nonobvious. So maybe he's incrementing this pointer twice. I'll buy that for a dollar.

Where's our _? as in Where's our paper shredder? Playful expression of discontent. In the fall of 1990 when everyone moved up the hill to the big bay, the paper shredder took a few days to arrive. This was a couple weeks after a Simpson's episode in which Bart had mail-ordered a spy camera and every day kept asking the postman, Where's my spy camera?

[Well] there it is. Flippant phrase uttered when a problem is solved for someone else or at the end of a conversation. From the motion picture Amadeus.

Go to moon, get rock. 1. Said of a task which may appear trivial but which may prove to be very difficult. 2. Said of something broad or vague. Most of this sounds pretty straightforward, but it's that Go to moon, get rock step in the middle that worries me.

A good time was had by all. Sarcastic comment on something boring.

The most fun you can have for 50 cents Get a roll of pennies in a paper wrapper (new ones look better) and a friend for the passenger seat. Find a stretch of road which is not too crowded and where you can drive fast. For example, the stretch of Shady Oak Road with the 50 mph speed limit works fine, or any interstate is okay too. Give the roll of pennies to your friend, and instruct them to toss it out the window when you are at speed. The roll will explode in a blizzard of bouncing, bounding pennies. Woooo! Don't throw the roll too far forward, or you will get pennies on your windshield.

Let's go program! Mock chant uttered in a serious and staunch manner at the end of lunch or a meeting. A table of salespeople at the Bayon was once overheard concluding their meal with Let's go sell.

Here's lookin' up your old address. From Henry Blake on M*A*S*H. Said before taking a drink.

It may not be long, but it sure is skinny. Said of a concise computer program.

Two inches of hot pink steel. Usually said in response to a statement like, Hey is that a penlight battery in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Error reading .private/jargonnav.inc
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