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PageWrecker [bastardization] n. Aldus PageMaker. Also RageMaker.

panic v. To be mildly alarmed about something that turns out to be trivial; to misperceive danger; not really to panic at all. Often used upon realizing that there is no true danger or problem. Sorry, I panicked. Origin: Monty Python.[See MarkG**]

Paper Size Table of Love [abbrev. P(i)STOL] n. The LX microcode paper size table and its definition of format, perhaps the most classic and definitely the longest-lasting of love phrase, (but not the first!). The Paper Size Table of Love is a two-dimensional array in which each item is a Structure of Love (the first!).

paragraph warp n. The special word/paragraph wrap applied to text by the ccFrail text editor on PCs.

party mode n. Mindset in which one does not leave the room - even to puke - for fear one might miss something terribly important (e.g., someone else puking). A supply of 24-oz. plastic cups within arms' reach has proven useful.

Pass the Bug [bastardization of "pass the buck"] n. A game played among software engines during release mode. If you've got the bug, the idea is to fix it as quickly as possible or pass it off to someone else.

Pathetic Bayon Substitute n. One of the oriental restaurants in the area which is not The Bayon. Abbreviated as PBS. Invariably of lesser quality than the Bayon in (at least) one way.

PC Land n. The area or areas of the R&D building where the PC software engines live; the large bay in the 7188 section of the building and recently also the small room at the back of the 7182 section. Lines have become less clear with the movement of the Cow Group out of and then back into the main bay.

PCL muck n. 1. An incoming stream of PCL with an indefinite end. 2. An incomplete print job consisting of PCL muck.

peel vt. To rub a pair of lezterps together in order to remove some or all of the salt.

per diem n. Drinking and buttfood money while out of town at a trade show.

Perfect Lunch Company n. Accidental mikstake reference to the Terrific Lunch Company, a place up the road to get sandwiches and chips.

pixel dust n. Mythical sub-pixel toner particles that make TurboRes possible; colorful name first used to describe TurboRes. Back in the old days when the details of TurboRes were a closely guarded secret, the term was developed as a sort of flippant, appealing, and magical discription of how TurboRes worked.

Pixel Hut Pixel Hut n. Name outside MacLand. (See also Bovine Research Center.)

Pledge Water [nickname] n. Nickname for lemon Crotch Water. Said of its disgusting taste, which is not unlike the "lemon fresh" furniture polish Pledge.

pond scum [pejorative] n. 1. The least intelligent or least perceptive end-users. "I included that switch as the default for the pond scum," or "cc:Mail is written for users with an I.Q. of pond scum." (See drool-proof paper). 2. Relating to a feature or element of a program included to make it easier for the pond scum, or to prevent them from making a mikstake.

popcorn server popcorn server n. A hot-air popcorn popper. When fresh popcorn is ready, it is said that the popcorn server is back up. When all the popcorn is gone, it is said that the popcorn server is down.

pop fridge n. A six-foot tall refrigerator located in the Hardware kitchen that holds a few hundred cans of cold carbonated beverages. The fridge first appeared in February of 1991 and quickly established itself as as lifeblood of software engines and other R&D folks.

porch n. A cube extension formed by removing a wall to interface to the adjoining cube. Sometimes plants are kept there.

portrait mode portrait mode n. 1. Orientation of a business card shot length-first for greater speed and distance but less accuracy. See landscape mode, ninja card. 2. Able to drink; standing up; conscious. See landscape mode.

Power Shred n. An old LaserJet CX-based engine, named such because someone removed a the sticker from a paper shredder and stuck it on the CX after it had chewed some paper.

power steak n. Beef pepper steak at Bayon, ordered extra fire hot with a personal pitcher of water. Comes with a bowl of hot and sour soup that often causes a respoon. See laser chicken, curry chicken.

PPAL [acronym] n. Personality PAL; a integrated circuit chip containing a factory-inscribed number for product differentiation by software at runtime; a special chip in the controller or board used for detecting ROB failures. Often abbreviated simply PAL.

practice party n. A smaller gathering one night before a larger gathering, for example a "New Year's Eve Eve" party.

Prerel n. The directory L:PREREL/x/y, a destination for program and data files expected to function correctly during release mode, where x and y are defined by the release manager and may differ among components of the release. Files are copied from Prerel to Release by the release manager using a release makefile of love.

pretty sorry interj. Not very apologetic at all. See also really pretty sorry and actually really pretty sorry. Gee, I'm pretty sorry about that.

printer on fire interj. Nebulous statement about printer. A mythical status bit on printers, become more realistic with the Python.

PrintMaster [archaic] n. A massive controller built to drive the Ricoh 4400 40-ppm (pages per minute) printer. It spanned three PC boards, one for the 10 Mb of DRAM, one for the video output section, and one for the bit-sliced processor. Code for the controller was written in a hideous VLIW microcode language. Despite the hardware stack's limiting the function call depth to 4 or 5 levels, LeoS actually programmed the thing to do a polygon fill. The product was never sold to a general market, but a few were used by another company that shared some of the development costs. LaserMaster showed it at trade shows printing 40 different pages per minute from Ventura Publisher. People were amazed, and it helped to build the reputation for speed. (DaleM kept a crunched up PrintMaster circuit board that he ran through a tree shredder in a jar.)

prolifer [bastardization, pejorative] n. Profiler.

puffalump n. [** Contact Mel for def'n] A non-performer; a foofoo. Someone who gets laid off who should have been fired.

Puppy n. TSR program allegedly written by David P. Babcock for LaserMaster in 1987. Some swear by it, some swear at it. Version 1.00 (c. 1987) is still used by many software engines in 1992. --Puppy out v. To envoke the terminate function of Puppy (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Esc) and kill the current DOS program, a useful function but not guaranteed to be safe.

PURGE! n. A powder drink mix that causes all orifices in your body to immediately open up and begin expunging bodily fluids. See also SPURT! [Ed. note: These drinks mock the so called "smart drinks" WOW! and FOCUS! designed by "renouned" nutritionists Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw and sold via pyramid marketing scheme under the name Omnitrition International. Other designer drinks were called ...Go FOR IT!, Be Your Best!, and FIRST COURSE.]

purple naga n. Grape soda; any of a number of carbonated grape beverages. So named because MarkW, when asked by AaronK if he wanted a Grape Nehi, responded "Purple Naga!" just as he killed a White Naga while playing Moria, a widely available D&D-like game.

push n. A trivial task. It's just a push.

python n. The DisplayMaker Express engine. Known for its bulk, occassional loud noises from the print head slamming into the end of the carriage, and early in the hot-wax development, for perhaps needing a printer on fire status bit.

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