Jargon - O


off-line n. Outside of a meeting. Let's take that off-line.

Oscar's Villa Capri n. A small restaurant in Dunwoody, Georgia, visisted by LM'ers during Spring `90 Demcox. The evening included incredible amounts of Italian food, raiding the liquor store next door for Tanqueray, helping yourself to the after dinner liqueurs, and joke-telling waiters.

Official n. The directory L:OFFICIALx, a destination for software releases just prior to mastering onto floppies, where x is a directory determined by the release manager and generally relates to the current project. Files are copied from Release to Official by someone in QA.

of hate v. Opposite of of love, as in the network protocol of hate.

of love v. Extraordinaire; flavoring words appended to the name of something that is substantially better than other things of its class, such as the "Paper Size Table of Love," or a "deslugger of love." Structure of Love was the first of love phrase.

OFMD [acronym] n. Outline Font Monitor Daughter. The monitor is a GrayScale 1280 or GS-1280. The controller is the OFMD.

OlsonBall [obsolete] n. A form of basketball played in the CowDome in which a player continually insults the other in order make them miss a shot. Usually accompanied by a rubber band shot to the head.

Omar the Tent-maker n. Extra-extra-extra gihugic shirt, derived from Omar the Tentmaker. See tent size.

onespeak n. See One-Tone-One-Talk.

One-Tone-One-Talk n. Monosyllabic language concocted at Fall `90 Demcox in Las Vegas. A working definition can be obtained from anyone versed in the language.

ooze n. The secret magic sauce of love in curry chicken upon which float chunks of chicken, potato and a token carrot.

orifice [bastardization] n. Office; cube. Come over to my orifice.

Our Lady of Perpetual Scaffolding n. (Also known as the mega church and the space needle) The large, ugly, metal church at the intersection of Shady Oak Road and City West Parkway.

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