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n n. 1. A nebulous amount, as in It cost n dollars, where n is greater than twenty-five.2. A nebulous and sometimes flippant answer to a non-Boolean question, for example: When are you leaving? n. How do you feel today? n. Why did you do that? n.

NAK interj. Used to relate non-receipt of verbal transmission, especially useful when the brain is full while multitasking or when broken. From the ASCII character NAK (21 decimal). See ACK.

naked pretzel n. A saltless pretzel, for example Anderson Famous Bavarian Baldies. (See salt-rush pretzel.)

nap room n. Place to get some TurboRest during crunch mode and release mode. See also the Whore.

New & Neat n. The Macintosh DropBox of Love for new and neat programs from the outside world.

NEROS [acronym, vulgar] n. Never Ending River of Shit, a nickname given the TrueTech AFM 2.00 software release by JimH of QA. As the name implies, the release lingered on for quite some time and the quality assurance process was an extensive endeavor.

next release n. 1. Macintosh System Software of love. 2. Where the known bugs and requested enhancements will be fixed.

nic nic nee [Archaic] interj. Spoken happily and melodically to announce that it is time for a tuber or another form of nicotene such as pipe or chewing tobacco. Accompanied by scissor motion with middle and index fingers.

Nimbus Q n. A very fast Type-1 rasterizer. Developed at **, then known as The Company.

9mm air conditioning n. A hole through the head produced by a 9mm bullet. Said to be needed for someone who has said, done, or produced something ridiculous.

ninja card n. 1. A business card shot by a rubber band, often traveling 10-15 yards at speeds from 30-50 m.p.h. 2. A business card that has stuck in the ceiling. Most ninja cards are shot in landscape mode since this offers greater spin than portrait mode and allows them to slice into the ceiling and stick rather than to simply puncture it and fall to the floor.

ninja disk n. 1. A floppy disk shot in the manner of a ninja card. It is more difficult--but not impossible--to stick one in the ceiling (have a look at the ceiling in QA).

non-grunt n. A mangler.

non-prime Friday [obsolescent] n. In some circles, a day to boycott shrimp toes and do the Bayon instead; prime referring to the factorization of the day of the month. In other circles, a day to boycott the boycotters and do shrimp toes anyway.

no plarking [bastardization] interj. Said aloud to evoke laughter in an otherwise quiet and boring room. No real meaning, other than no parking.

Nortonize v. The act of attempting to repair damage to your Macintosh hard disk with Norton Utilities for the Mac, usually resulting in the message Norton Utilities is unable to repair this disk.

not dead yet interj. A software engine's expression of mental and physical fitness, especially when asked, "Dead Yet?" by another software engine. This expression was derived from the Monty Python sketch in Holy Grail where the old man didn't want to go on the cart. I'm not dead yet.

notwork [bastardization] n. Semi-witty nickname for any LAN (Local Area Network) when it is down or in an unstable state.

NuBug [obsolete] n. 1. Where Mac guys in QA whine to snivelling Macintosh primadonnas in development. 2. Where Mac guys in development ignore the whining snivelling Macintosh Primadonnas in QA. 3. Where tech-support guys whine to Mac guys in QA. 4. Where Mac guys in QA ignore the whining of tech-support guys.

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