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Mac Land n. [obsolete] The area of the R&D building where the Macintosh software engineers live; the large room in the back of the 7178 section of the building. As of 1995, documentation lives there.

MacsBug n. A deslugger for the Macintosh, with which usually pops up with regularity on the screens of the Macs in QA, sometimes because they have been Schweitzerized. According to the balloon help: "A tool that provides programmers with information proving that it really was a hardware problem."

Mac the Knife n. The Macintosh Quadra 900, so called because of the continuous line of sharp-edged perforated metal surrounding the inside of the cover. Most people don't know they've been hit until they try to set the cover down and notice the blood dripping from the case. Also renouned for it's 4" amplified speaker which on setting 1 sounds like most Macs turned up to 7.

major hondo n. A hondo who manages to do some remarkable and admirable task which nobody else had the time or inclination to do but which most geeks will enjoy and take advantage of. Reed got the Ren & Stimpy Mac Sounds to work on PC's-- what a major hondo!

make copies v. To procreate; to practice procreation.

Mark Wickham Commemorative Bump n. The bump on Smetana Drive on the way to Bayon where you must punch the gas pedal for a fun drop. Causes a cool scraping noise if there are several passengers. It is traditional to put the arms in the air and yell woooo as the bump is ridden.

mall buttfood n. A buttfood lunch at the gastronomic emporium in the lower level of the Eden Prairie Mall. interj. Bellowed at lunchtime to announce a group venture. interr. Boolean query in the manner of Bayon.

Mandelbug n. A consistantly reproducible bug which continues to increase in apparent complexity the more you examine it without ever revealing any new information or changing it basic nature. (Name derived from the Mandelbrot Set, a famous fractal object.)

mangler [bastardization] n. Manager.

meepzorp interj. 1. How to pronounce a screenful of foofoo characters after a bad frack. Usually followed by a trip to the coffee machine or restroom. 2. Nebulous greeting.

Memorial Bump n. Alternate (but incorrect) name for Mark Wickham Commemorative Bump.

microcode n. Contrary to standard industry definitions, software loaded into a dedicated chip which does cool things like rasterize fonts and pictures, compress and decompress images, and interpret page description languages. Microcode software is copied to the dedicated chip with a downloader program. See LX, TX and T2.

miks klim [flessage] n. Skim milk.

mikstake [bastardization] n. Alternate formation of mistake.

Minceyball [obsolete] n. A form of basketball played in the CowDome in which a player attempts and rarely makes extremely stupid shots such as a backwards granny over the rafters and off the left wall. See also OlsonBall.

mini clud n. Smaller version of a clud, the head of which is the size of a pea or a marble rather than a golfball. It does not generally hurt as much to be hit in the face with a mini clud.

miso soup n. Vomit.

Moo n. The new GDI rasterizer of love. (See also CowScript.) [See CraigL**] RobL calls it ElkHoof after the name MarkG made up for Pig's Eye (a local beer) when he couldn't remember the correct name.

mouth surfing v. Riding the capsicum buzz.

much cool v. Most excellent.

Muckula-2 [bastardization] n. Modula-2.

MX n. Originally the designation for the micro-coded controller architecture that succeeded the LC2. The product was renamed LX when it went to market, possibly because of the MX peacekeeper missle that was in the press at the time. The MX controller was first demonstrated driving a low-cost laser imagesetter. After the LX had been selling for some time, the MX moniker was revived to refer to the Macintosh product based on the same architecture.

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