Jargon - K


kack v.i. To kill. v.t. To die. -ed dead [** origin DaveO or more widespread than that???]

killer document n. A document created in QA which tests numerous features of an in-house application, with the intent of breaking the product prior to release.

Kim Fug The restaurant also known as Bayon.

king me [obscene] interj. Euphemistic invitation to share personal space, both participants facing the same way, usually face-down. From the game of checkers. Origin, Demcox, Fall 1990 (AaronK's first), ColeM flopped face down on the bed and said King Me! making a lasting impression.

kiosk n. Small hexagonal room in which TurboRest is performed during trade shows.

kippy fy fy n. Crispy french fries. Originally peculiar to AaronK, now used by a handful of others.

KludgeNet n. A proprietary AUI ethernet connection using an LM proprietary connector. A similar network connection was established by Apple Computer and is referred to as "RevenueNet."

known bug n. See README thing, desired feature, big N.

krap [flessage] v. To park, as in automotive vehicle. Well, this looks like a good place to krap!

KX n. Macintosh printer line analagous to the PC TX (not the T2). The only surviving Macintosh controller-based printer. First Macintosh printer line to use Trimmage.

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