Jargon - J


J n. Abbreviation for jillion, as in 21.5J.

J.D. Co' n. A smooth alcoholic beverage consisting of Reverend Jack and Choke (rarely Diet Choke); the best drink on a Bart night or anytime at an Aaron party. See LM Drink, Drink of Life and Death.

How to make and serve a J.D. Co':

  1. Take a 12-oz. highball glass and fill it to the top with ice.
  2. Fill glass from 2/3 to 3/4 full with Reverend Jack.
  3. Open a can of Choke and hand both to recipient.

jillion n. 64 kilobits, used when measuring memory; endemic to the LX microcode. The frame buffer begins at the 21.5 jillion boundary. Abbrev. J.

JimBall n. An entertaining but physically demanding sport where one person (originally JimH) stands at one end of the WiffleBall Dome and another person or persons stand at the other end, attempting to strike him with fast-moving projectiles ranging in size from a golfball up to a basketball (some are hit with a baseball bat, others are merely thrown). It is imperative to the game of JimBall to hit/throw the objects with as much force as you can muster, but equally importantly, without malice. If JimH gets tired or cries or begins bleeding profusely, then someone randomly calls out, I'm Jim! and everyone else runs to the other side of the Dome and play continues.

Jungle Group [Obsolete] n. One of four original software development teams originally located in the large PC Land bay; group of software engines gathered together to work on ***. See also Butterfinger Group, Cow Group and Sandwich Group.

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