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idiot genius n. Someone who consistently uses their genius capabilities to solve problems in an idiotic manner, for example making a binary patch to a standard C library function rather than simply writing a new version, or writing a highly optimized routine that's called only once in a program's execution. The genius half is used somewhat facetiously, suggesting that the person possesses above-average intelligence in one area (for instance low-level MS-DOS assembly language calls); the idiot half is used somewhat pejoratively, suggesting that the person possesses below-average intelligence in other areas (for instance code clarity or robustness).

igneous java n. The rock-like substance, formerly molten, found at the bottom of the glass coffee pot after the power has been left on over the weekend. See LM Tar Pit.

Imaging Land n. [obsolete] The area of the R&D building where the Imaging geeks live; the 7180 area of the building.

incoming n. Any object (see also scud) launched from one cube to another, usually taking the form of rubber bands or cluds, small superballs or nerf objects.

intellectual archaeology n. 1. The act of analyzing a particularly obscure or nefarious piece of code hoping to discover its original form or intent. "What did this programmer think he was doing?" (see barbism, bobcat, strcain, idiot genius) 2. An amusing pastime practiced by many living software engines in the wake of dead software engines.

I&S [acronym] n. Installation and Setup; cool software that copies cool software from floppies to the user's hard drive and modifies any necessary system files to accomplish a full installation; notoriously difficult software to maintain and to write correctly in the first place.

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