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Gang of Four n. 1. Project management or group leader meetings that may or may not total four people. 2. [obsolete] The manglers of the four food groups: Sandwich Group, Jungle Group, Cow Group, Butterfinger Group.

gang programming n. A group of people trying to fix a bug, almost always annoying the programmer whose responsibility it is to fix said bug. (See drive.)

gargoyle [bastardization of garçon] n. Nebulous term similar to doo-da, but usually in combination with a request of some form. Hey gargoyle, my beer's empty. Somebody tell gargoyle over there the phone's for him. Origin: Cheech & Chong's movie Up in Smoke(?) when Cheech attempts to be suave (ordering in French) by saying Hey gargoyle, more lobster!

garp v. To vomit quickly and efficiently, chiefly a single chunk or particle of food matter, which does not necessarily leave the mouth.

garp on v.t. To trash screen data, program data, or file allocation data. Said of a misbehaving program, as in D'Oh! DUMBDrive just garped on my D: drive.

geebzhubuh [gibberish] interr. A polite request to repeat the last phrase, i.e., "What did you say?--I didn't catch that." See also g'hoozhmee.

g'hoozhmee [gibberish] 1. interr. A polite request to repeat the last phrase, with the implication that one may not have been listening, i.e., "Were you talking to me?" See also g'eebzubuh. 2. n. A nameless object. What about this g'hoozhmee here?

gihugic [GIgantIC + HUGe] v. Way large, often applied in terms of memory or physical storage requirments, as in Even the ZIP file is gihugic!

GlassPage 1280 n. A monitor which worked with the LX controller to display text previews of a printed page.

God color n. 24-bit color, the way God designed the world.

God's Own PutRaster n. n-bit to 1-bit blitting for the LX microcode (n [[propersubset]] ). See Shiva's Own PutRaster.

GrayScale 1280 n. Similar to the GlassPage 1280, but GrayScale, which allowed for anti-aliased views of text.

Green Swill [bastardization] n. Endearing term for Green Mill, the pizza place of love.

grep 1. v. To understand (a misuse of "grok" fallen into popular use). 2. The sound made approximately three hours after eating curry chicken.

Grub Foods [bastardization] n. Cub Foods. Used somewhat facetiously, but a cool nickname nonetheless.

Grubway [bastardization] n. Subway, a buttfood restaurant. Also Scrubway.

g'shpeegee [gibberish] interr. A polite way to offer or ask for buttfoodens when you are too broken to speak English.

g'shpertnee [gibberish] interj. A happy phrase uttered during moments of content, for example on the way to the bathroom after a successful compile.

g'shputnee [gibberish] interj. A polite request for buttfoodens when you are too broken to speak English.

g'splunking v. Linking, especially when working on LX microcode.

GS 1280 n. Abbreviation for GrayScale 1280.

GUI LIN n. Szechwan restaurant near the mall. Since the sign on the outside of the store is written in all capitals, it was conjectured that the name is an acronym for Graphical User Interface Lunch Input Node.

gunkie n. A silly person, used seriously or in jest, as in He didn't update his change file last night?! What a gunkie. Origin: Bill Cosby and the snow ball fight and fairly widely used at LM.

gunking n. The Ventura driver method of thunk mucking developed by DaveM. The tricky part is setting up a far return to a near call.

Guts n. Progressive poker game in which players get 3 cards and 3 cards are dealt to the kitty. The lowest card in every hand is wild, and players decide "in" or "out." An oddity of the game is that the kitty can be dealt in any order.

-guy [suffix] Appended to another word to create a personification. For example, software guy, hardware guy, Mac guy, PC guy, QA guy. In plural form, "guys" is generally accepted as a unisex word. In singular form, "guy" may refer specifically to the male denomination, although this is not always the case. When referring specifically to the female denomination, note that the alternative "gal" is not automatically considered to be in good taste.

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