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Falcon n. Codename for Macintosh host-based printer project during development stages. See HX

fall down v. To crash; to cease functioning, especially a file server or software engine. Leonardo fall down go boom.

fast 10 n. Faux speed index of a 486/33 machine. Originally just “10” until someone realized that both 386/25’s and 386SX/16’s are also “10’s.” (To compute the faux speed index of a machine, add the chip generation number and the two digits of the oscillator frequency designation. Common values are listed below.)

			486/66		16
			486/50		fast 9
			486/33		fast 10
			486/25		11
			386/33		slow 9
			386/25		slow 10
			386/16		super slow 10
			8086/4.77	4

FCA [acronym] n. Font Channel Architecture, a technology used in LX products to achieve extremely accurate (better than “WYSIWIG”) font rendering on proprietary LM graphic displays and printers.

FileMaker Pro n. The number-two most broken Macintosh software only if used as multi-user database or if DaveP is in crunch mode.

finger v. To figure, as in to calculate: Let me finger out what that is in hex

Five-Two n. Progressive poker game in which players get 5 cards and decide “in” or “out.” “In” players get two more cards. If a single player is “in,” s/he must play against the top seven cards on the deck.

flange flange n. A device used in Butterfly games to help track whose turn it is to deal, most useful when everyone playing is broken. Must be stolen from JamieR’s cube before, and returned after, each gaming session. In extreme cases of brokenness, there is also a sub-flange (the name of which none of us remembers) which is passed from player to player to help track whose turn it is to draw.

flavor dots n. 1. Small flecks of crushed red hot chili pepper. 2. Hot sauce containing small flecks of crushed red hot chili pepper. See cinnamon.

flavor sand n. The cool or tangy flavoring particles used on the surface of certain buttfoodens such as Doritos, Pringles, Bugles (Bungholes), and so forth.

fles n. 1. Self. Substitute fles for self anywhere, as in Sure, help yourfles, or I did it all by myfles. 2. A transformation applied to words in natural languages which reverses the order of the letters. See flessage.

flessage n. A word whose letters have been reversed to form a new word, generally pronouncable. See fles.

fluoroculture n. The growing of mutant plants without any sunlight whatsoever under single-spectrum flourescent bulbs. See DaveM’s porch for examples.

food interr. The short form of Let’s go someplace for lunch now that serves food. Silent form related by pointing at one’s mouth.

food or death n. Possible choices for a software engine around lunchtime, the food choice meaning going to a restaurant, the death choice meaning eating bag lunch or pizza at LM.

foofoo adj. Unimportant; trivial. Flavoring word used to suggest triviality, as in Don’t worry about it—it’s just a foofoo suggestion, or I wrote this little foofoo test program this morning. n. 1. A silly or ridiculous thing or person, as in Cut it out, you’re being a foofoo again. 2. Something cushy or lite ’n’ fluffy, as in cheesy foofoo. 3. Just about anything else.

foofoo characters n. pl. Non-ASCII screen characters: the IBM-PC extended ASCII line segments, Greek alphabet, foreign letters, playing card symbols, smiley faces, arrows, boxes, math symbols and so on. Somewhat pejorative in that they often appear during a frack. See meepzorp. Known in Japanese as “mojibake” (文字化け).

foofoo ball n. A squooshy ball sold in toy stores, supposedly to help relieve stress. Todd, can I play with your foofoo ball?

foofoo pecking order n. At Bayon, the hierarchy of software engines in line to receive ToddL’s cheesy foofoo: DaveM, AaronK, MarkW, MarkG was the beginning of the foofoo pecking order.

fork mode n. A last-ditch effort to quaff the remainder of your plate with a fork or forks when chopsticks aren’t fast enough.

fortune cookie game, the n. An unnamed game played at the Bayon (or any place giving fortune cookies containing so-called “lucky numbers”) in which the winner is designated as the person with the highest score, the score being defined as the sum of the unique prime factors of the lucky numbers. There are traditionally four lucky numbers in the range 1-54, inclusive. For example, the numbers 7, 24, 43, and 51 yield a score of 72. The record is something like 124. The theoretical highest possible score is 53 + 47 + 43 + 41 = 184.

forward-reverse-forward-eat n. A successful attempt to stifle a hurl while eating; a way of enjoying your food twice. Technique pioneered by JimH at Fall 1990 Demcox in Las Vegas.

frack v. To break or crash, as in software, usually a bad bug requiring a deslugger. My program just fracked and my screen is full of garbage foofoo characters. See also meepzorp.

free breakfast n. What the losing poker players get, since the winning poker player can afford to (and is obliged to) buy everyone breakfast.

fresh brain n. A round, warm loaf of bread, fresh from ClayB’s breadmaker of love, as in Another beautiful five-pound brain, or Thanks again for the brain, Clay, or Good fresh brain today! (See bread day.)

FryToes n. Fritos brand corn chips, a buttfooden.

FTAGO Fill [acronym] n. Faster Than All Get Out Fill. As the name implies, this is like an “ultimate” version among all existing DD/PI fill commands: the technique maps nicely to Windows GDI calls and requires less bandwidth than other techniques (details of the implementation are beyond the scope of this dictionary).

fud n. 1. Food. Can be used anywhere the word “food” can be used, including compound words (see buttfud). Wanna go get some fud? The most poetic and curt usage is repeatedly evidenced at late-night restaurants after bar time, the speaker hunching over a plate of eggs, bacon, and hash-browned potatos, mouth completely full, sputtering out the corner of the mouth a crusty and barely discernable Good fud. 2. Nebulous food unit; thing. For example, depending on who is speaking, the question Pretzel fud? could mean Want some pretzels? or May I have a couple of your pretzels? or even There are n pretzels in this bag; you may have up to n/2 of them. [Ed. note: This term originates from a Far Side cartoon in which a bunch of dogs attempt to lure a cat into a clothes washer with a sign reading “cat fud.”]

full-on adj. Large; extreme. This new editor gives me a full-on major robo chubby.

fully adv. Way totally; to the utmost extent. Often used with “sucks,” “doesn’t suck,” or “rules.” Dude, this beer fully doesn’t suck. My new algorithm fully rules. You don’t fully suck.

future curry chicken n. A unit of Bayon Tender equal to the price of a curry chicken, plus tax and a tip (approximately $5.00); a form of credit during poker games. Acronym FCC.

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