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Eagle n. A coin given to an employee as a token of appreciation for hard work. A silver eagle was a small pin given on an employee's one-year anniversary. A gold eagle was a similar pin given on an employee's five-year anniversary.

EasyColor n. The HALON controller, after it was modified from the original HardColor design to not use a hard drive to spool the data. Origin: When HardColor development was falling behind, the comment was made If we'd called it EasyColor, we'd be done by now.

Elsie II n. See LC2, Elsie the Cow.

Elsie the Cow n. The common name LC2, often followed by the interrogative Elsie Who? referring to its almost obsolete status.

Enchanted Mode [bastardization] n. Windows Enhanced Mode. So named by Microsoft because of its great capabilities such as plentiful memory, virtual demand-paged capabilities, and the ability to extend it with 386 virtual devices. Of course, this is relative to horrible Real Mode and Stagnant Mode.

ENQ interr. Used to relate confusion or curiosity. From the ASCII character ENQ (5 decimal). See ACK, NAK.

enquee [bastardization] v. Enqueue, as in a file.

everybody meeting n. Spontaneous meeting where everyone piles into the Hardware Conference Room and learns good things or bad things.

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