Jargon - A


aaargh interj. Expression of displeasure or disagreement when overhead lights are turned on, or as an alternative to d'Oh! See black lab.

Aaron mode n. To smoke superrapidly; to smoke a cigarette in 30 seconds when the temperature outside is unbearably cold.

Aaron party n. The now-legendary, practically extinct, anything goes, wildman party at Aaron's house. Everything that you thought might happen at parties, but were afraid to ask, happens here. See broken and suck the table. Most often on a Bart night, although no night is excluded as a rule.

acid mouse n. Said of the mouse trails option in Microsoft Windows: several latent copies of the mouse cursor participate in a trail across the screen for easier viewing on LCD displays as the mouse cursor is moved. (Double meaning if LCD is bastardized into LSD.)

ACK interj. Used to relate receipt of verbal transmission, especially useful when broken. From the ASCII character ACK (6 decimal). See ENQ and NAK.

actually really pretty sorry interj. Even less apologetic than really pretty sorry and much less apologetic than pretty sorry. Gee, I'm actually really pretty sorry about that.

AFM virus prop. n. Witty nickname given the TrueTech Automatic Font Management TSR by its author, JohnM. The name is somewhat facetious as the program is actually very reliable, but it was first named as such because the PC-TOOLS VDEFEND program thought AFM was a virus.

alive v. Still employed by LM. Same as living, opposite of dead.

almost done sucking v. 1. Page will appear in the output bin shortly; controller is almost finished sucking page data. 2. Almost functional or at least almost not broken, as in This code is almost done sucking; I just have to fix one last bug.

Amadeus n. Codename for Unity during and after product development.

amke n. 1. Alternative formation of "make." 2. Programmer's alias for "make" in case of accidental misspelling. (Sometimes also "maek.")

anyway interr. Appended to any question to annoy or confuse the listener. Must be preceded by a carefully enunciated stacatto pause of approximately one half second. How's it going today? Anyway?

Archie McPhee n. Mail-order catalog of strange and exotic plastic, rubber, and paper toys passed around from time to time. Group orders are sent, as in the CD List of Love.

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