I've been googled again

When I hooked up that list of the last ten referrers on monday, I had no idea how fascinated I would become with it. It's kinda cool being able to easily check and see where the hits are coming from.

One of the things I've noticed is that of inbound folks who aren't using a bookmark, over 80% of them are currently coming from a search engine.

Interestingly enough, my gripe Capital One doesn't check their data is the number one result if you google for capital one small business services (but only if you quote the entire phrase).

It's also kind of curious some of the searches people are trying out there. I see a search for "masturbation cell phone" (for that on the go kind of guy), another for "johnholmes gallery" (which leads to my previous I've been googled page), "pictures of 1st amendment of bill of rights" (the text isn't good enough for you?), "anti-ritalin music" (umm), "college for smart ass kid" (been there), "isomorphic gerald dangerous remarked picks" (I have no idea), searches for pictures of all kinds of things that I happened to mention somewhere (including a lot of fairly mundane foodstuffs I mention in my recipes).... And that's all in just the past four days.

Another curious bit is that a lot of these folks who are searching for something that I just don't have come back more than once from the same search. For example, Mr. Mastrubation Cell Phone has been back twice. Maybe there was something else on the page that caught his eye and redoing the search was the only way he could figure to get back, but it's kind of odd seeing this sort of thing. And not just once, but a I'll see a half-dozen rerun (and non-fruitful) searches per day.

Well, that's the rundown for now. If you're interested in seeing a history that's longer than just the past ten entries, drop me a note and I'll consider putting together a page with the past day's referrers or something. I expect it's only interesting to me, but I guess I won't know until I ask, eh?
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