My cupboards overflow

My cupboards overflow
My cupboards overflow

It's Sunday, and I'm sitting around at nearly noon, pondering whether I should take a shower and get started for the day, or just keep lounging around in my bathrobe and be a bum. I've already made a couple lists of things I should do today, and already thrown one of the lists away as a lost cause. But I look at my kitchen, and I'm struck with a bit of writing I could do. Hey, it beats doing the dishes!

So here we go, an inventory of the things that don't fit into my cupboards, but instead live on top of them. From left to right on top of the cupboards:

  1. Sugar - with scale on top for measuring - yes, I often cook measuring things by weight.
  2. Flour - plain, white, staple of life and maker of gravies
  3. Cookbooks - with empty tins from christmas past in back - I think the tins are all from 3lb gift-tins of cashews that I get at Christmas, and have eaten by New Years. Oof. I keep thinking I'll find a use for these cans, but I haven't yet.
  4. Microwave popcorn - two boxes - both opened.
  5. Breakfast cereal - unopened, but there just in case.
  6. Mac & cheese - with a tub of risotto on top and spare paper towels behind.
  7. Jar of couscous. Quick. Easy. Side-dish.
  8. Spud flakes - with empty squeeze bottles on top. The spud flakes are fast (if not particularly tasty) potatoes and the squeeze bottles get filled with condiments for tailgating.
  9. Package of pinto beans. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I bought 'em. Probably some delusion of making mexican beans from scratch, rather than just buying a can of refried beans.
  10. Wild rice. A couple pounds of it, even.
  11. The small (6 quart?) pot with a dog dish (used for serving munchies at poker games) pizza pans and muffin pan on top. This pot is the soup and chili pot now.
  12. Tastybite boxed food. There's a couple more big boxes (holding a dozen meals) elsewhere in the kitchen. Quick, easy, tasty food.
  13. Medium (3 gallon) pot, with big festive plastic bowl on top. This is the pot I used to use for soups and chili, but the non-stick coating on the inside is shot, and now it's just used for brewing small batches of beer. I should probably just throw it out.
  14. Honey. Just clover honey.
  15. Spelt and semolina flours. And there's a bigger tub of whole-wheat flour behind them. I'm reminded that I haven't baked bread in a while.
  16. Big (5 gallon) pot. Stainless steel. Used mostly for brewing beer, or the occasional big-ass batch of chili or red-sauce for a pot-luck dinner.
  17. Container of jasmine rice.

Also, scattered behind the items I've listed are some Avon commemorative mugs that Mom gave me over the years. I don't really know what to do with them, but I'd better not throw them away, so they live back where it's hard to reach them. It's kind of surprising to me, but a lot of this stuff I actually pull down on a pretty regular basis. More than once I've wondered why the cupboards don't just go another foot higher, and then I'm remember that I'm much taller than the average and most folks couldn't reach all the things I have piled up there.

Then there's the lower level, starting on the wire shelf (mostly left to right):

  1. Kool-aid packets - I don't remember when I bought them, but I'm suspecting 1997 or 1998. Does kool-aid go bad?
  2. Pancake syrup. I'm out of real maple syrup at the moment, and this is the backup. It's at least five years old.
  3. Ground pepper in can - it's not very fresh, and is mostly there for when the grinder goes empty and I can't find the peppercorns to refill it.
  4. Pepper grinder.
  5. White vinegar.
  6. Salt.
  7. Olive oil in nice bottle.
  8. Small bottle of fish sauce.
  9. Soy sauce.
  10. Sesame oil.
  11. And then a whole slew of spices, surrounding a can of Pam.

That small wire-shelf is right above the stove. I know it's not the best place to store spices I'd like to keep fresh, but it's also darned convenient when you're cooking to have things right there in front of you. I use many of the things on this shelf (except the vinegar - I think I bought that to clean something) on a pretty regular basis.

On to the fridge-top:

  1. A potholder almost falling off the back of the fridge.
  2. Balsamic vinegar.
  3. Rice wine vinegar.
  4. Chili oil.
  5. Big bottle of olive oil.
  6. Small shaker of mixed spice, left over from last-year's tailgating.
  7. Large bottle of squid-brand fish-sauce.
  8. Peanut oil.
  9. Crackers.
  10. Can of salt.

Various names listed above are trademarks of their respective owners, you know. I'd list them, but you know which ones I'm talking about already, and besides, I linked 'em, anyhow. So there.

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