Going to court

Today I had to go down to court as part of the fallout from when I called the cops back on August 13th. Turns out the room where you're supposed to go if you're a witness is gone and there's a sign directing you to the new room. But there wasn't anyone there when I was supposed to check in, and there's yet another sign (dated yesterday) directing you to a courtroom.

After going to the courtroom and not finding anyone there either, I called the City Attorney's office and spoke to the receptionist. They told me to stay put near the courtroom and the prosecutor would be there to talk to me soon. Eventually he showed up and we had a brief talk. The upshot of it was that after talking to me, then talking to the neighbor's ex-girlfriend, things didn't look so good for the prosecution.

Once we'd finished in the first courtroom (where all they do is assign the case to one of the other judges working that day), we had to go to the second courtroom. After a few conferences, including one where I repeated what I'd told the prosecutor to the public defender, I got sent home.

It ended with a plea-bargain for disorderly conduct because they'd woken me up multiple times, and I was out of there by 10:15. In all, about three hours wasted (counting my travel time by bus) that could have been avoided by someone from the city attorney's office picking up the phone and talking to everyone involved.

And people wonder why I don't think the government is a very good solution to everyday problems.

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