Dave's CDs

People often ask me what kind of music I like to listen to. I have a hard time describing my musical tastes exactly, so here's the list of what I own on CD. Hopefully it helps to answer the question.

0-various16 #1 Hits from the Early 60's (D-164334)1
0-various16 #1 Hits from the Early 60's (D-164334)1
0-various16 #1Hits from the Early 60's (D-174336)1
0-variousHere it is, The Music1
0-variousRubáiyát: Elektra's 40th Anniversary2
0-variousSteal This Disk 21
0-variousThe Story of the White Blues1
0-variousThe Sun Story1
0-variousWoodstock (2CD set)2
0-VariousMuddy & The Wolf11983
0-VariousSun City11985
0-VariousThe Blues, Vol 211989
0-VariousSkynyrd: Frynds11994
0-VariousNo Free Rides (Budget Blues Sampler)11995
0-VariousFire on the Mountain11996
0-VariousBlues Across America - The Dallas Scene11997
0-VariousBlues Before Sunrise11997
0-VariousWe Will Fall (The Iggy Pop Tribute)11997
0-variousA Tribute to Aerosmith (Not the same old song and dance)11999
0-variousSouthern Rock Essentials11999
10,000 ManiacsIn My Tribe11987
AbbaGold (Greatest Hits)11992
AC/DCBack in Black11980
Adams, BryanSo Far So Good11993
AerosmithGet Your Wings11974
AerosmithToys in the Attic11975
AerosmithDraw The Line11977
Allman Bros.Dreams (Vol I-IV)41989
Allman Bros.Seven Turns11990
Allman Brothers BandThe Fillmore Concerts21992
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe[self-titled]11989
AnimaniacsMusic from the Show11993
April WineThe Hits11998
Arc Angels[self-titled]11992
Auto Body Experience[self-titled]11992
Auto Body ExperienceSmash Hits11995
Auto Body ExperienceThere's No Excuse11998
Auto Body ExperienceA Tribute to Carhenge11999
B-52'sCosmic Thing11989
Babys, TheAnthology11981
Bachman-Turner OverdriveBTO's Greatest11986
Bad Company10 From 611985
Baird, DanLove Songs for the Hearing Impaired11992
Baird, DanBuffalo Nickel11996
Beach BoysPet Sounds11990
Beat FarmersGlad & Greasy11986
Beat FarmersVan Go11986
Beat FarmersThe Pursuit of Happiness11987
Beat FarmersPoor and Famous11989
Beat FarmersLoud and Plowed and Live11990
Beat FarmersViking Lullabys11994
Beat FarmersManifold11995
BeatlesAbbey Road11969
BeatlesLet it Be11970
BeatlesAnthology 321996
Beck, JeffBlow By Blow11975
Beck, JeffThere And Back11980
Beck, JeffJeff Beck's Guitar Shop11989
Beck, Jeff & The Big Town PlayboysCrazy Legs11993
Beethoven, Ludwid vanSymphonie Nr. 1-9 - Berliner Philharmoniker / Karajan61983
Beethoven, Ludwig vanSymphonie #1 & Symphonie #7 - Nanut1
Beethoven, Ludwig vanSymphonie #9 - Philharmonia Slavonica, Duvier1
Beethoven, Ludwig vanSymphony #5 & Lenore #3 - Ashkenazy1
Benatar, PatBest Shots11989
Berry, ChuckGreat 2811984
Betts, DickeyPattern Disruptive11988
Betts, RichardHighway Call11974
Big Audio DynamiteThis is Big Audio Dynamite11985
Big Audio DynamiteNo. 10 Upping St.11986
Big Audio DynamiteTighten Up, Vol. '8811988
Big Audio DynamiteMegatop Phoenix11989
Big Audio DynamiteF-Punk11995
Big Audio Dynamite IIThe Globe11991
Big Audio Dynamite IIIHigher Power11994
Big Audio Dynamite IVF-Punk11995
Black CrowesShake Your Moneymaker11990
Black CrowesThe Southern Harmony and Musical Companion11992
Black Crowes, TheAmorica11994
Black SabbathParanoid1
Black Sabbath[self-titled]11970
Black SabbathMaster Of Reality11971
Black SabbathWe Sold Our Soul for Rock & Roll11976
Black SabbathHeaven And Hell11980
Blind FaithBlind Faith11969
Blue Öyster CultBlue Öyster Cult11972
Blue Öyster CultFire of Unknown Origin11981
Blue Öyster CultImaginos11988
Blue Öyster CultCareer of Evil11990
Blues BrothersMovie Soundtrack11980
Blues Traveler[self-titled]11990
Boiled in LeadFrom the Ladle to the Grave11989
Boiled In LeadOrb11990
Bolin, TommyFrom the Archives (Vol 2)11998
Bolin, Tommy & FriendsLive from Ebbets Field 197411999
BostonDon't Look Back11978
BostonWalk On11994
Bowie, DavidAladdin Sane11973
Bowie, DavidDiamond Dogs11974
Browne, JacksonRunning On Empty11977
Buffett, JimmyYou Had To Be There21978
Buffett, JimmySongs You Know by Heart11985
Buffett, JimmyFeeding Frenzy11990
Buffett, JimmyBoats, Bars, Beaches and Ballads41992
Buffett, JimmyFruitcakes11994
Buffett, JimmyBarometer Soup11995
Buffett, JimmyBanana Wind11996
Buffett, JimmyAmerican Storyteller11998
Buffett, JimmyBeach House on the Moon11999
Cars, TheJust What I Needed21995
Cash, JohnnyThe Sun Years11990
Charles, RayGreatest Hits, Vol I11987
Charles, RayHis Greatest Hits, Vol 211987
Cheap TrickAt Budokan11979
Cheech & ChongCheech & Chong's Greatest Hit11981
Clapton, EricTime Pieces11982
ClashCombat Rock11982
ClashStory of the Clash (Vols 1 and 2)21988
Clinton, GeorgeThe Cinderella Theory11989
Clinton, George & the PFunk All-starsT.A.P.O.A.F.O.M.11996
Cohen, Barb & Little LizardDark Houses11994
Cohen, Barb & Little LizardBlack Lake11995
Collins, PhilFace Value11981
Collins, PhilHello, I must be going11982
Collins, PhilNo Jacket Required11985
Commitments, TheMovie Soundtrack11991
Cooper, AliceBillion Dollar Babies11973
Cooper, AliceAlice's Greatest Hits11974
Costello, ElvisArmed Forces11978
Costello, ElvisThis Year's Model11978
Costello, ElvisTrust11981
Costello, ElvisBest of Elvis Costello and the Attractions11985
Counting CrowsAugust and Everything Else11993
Crazy HorseLeft for Dead11990
CreamDisraeli Gears11967
Croce, JimPhotographs & Memories (His Greatest Hits)11972
CropsWipe Hands on Pants11999
Crosby, Still, Nash & YoungDéja Vu11970
CultSonic Temple11989
Damn Yankees[self-titled]11990
Damn YankeesDon't Tread11992
Daniels, CharlieDecade of Hits11983
Daniels, CharlieHomesick Heroes11988
Davis, SpencerGreatest and Latest11986
Deep PurpleBook of Taliesyn1
Deep PurpleShades of Deep Purple11968
Deep PurpleBook of Taliesyn11969
Deep PurpleDeep Purple11969
Deep PurpleIn Rock11970
Deep PurpleWho Do We Think We Are!11973
Deep PurpleBurn11974
Deep PurpleCome Taste the Band11975
Deep PurpleMade in Europe11976
Deep PurplePerfect Strangers11984
Deep PurpleHouse of Blue Light11987
Deep PurpleSlaves and Masters11990
Deep PurpleThe Battle Rages On11993
Deep PurplePurpendicular11996
Deep PurpleAbandon11998
Deep PurpleMade In Japan (plus bonus tracks)21998
DevoDevo's Greatest Hits11990
DevoDevo's Greatest Misses11990
DevoHard Core Devo Vol. 1 74-7711990
Diamond, NeilLive in America21994
Dire Straits[self-titled]11978
Dire StraitsLove Over Gold11982
Dire StraitsBrothers in Arms11985
DoorsIn Concert (2CD)21991
Dr. HookGreatest Hits (And More)11987
Dread ZeppelinUn-led-ed11990
Dread ZeppelinIt's Not Unusual11992
Dumpster JuiceThat Not So Fresh Feeling11993
Dvorák, AntonínSymphony No. 9 "From the New World"11984
Eagles, TheOne of These Nights11975
Eagles, TheHotel California11976
Eagles, TheThe Long Run11979
Electric Light OrchestraELO's Greatest Hits11986
ELOELO's Greatest Hits11979
Fabulous ThunderbirdsHigh Water11997
Fairport ConventionHouse Full11986
Fairport ConventionIn Real Time (Live '87)11987
Farm AccidentVane11992
Fat TuesdayCalifuneral11991
Fleetwood MacGreatest Hits11988
FoghatStone Blue11975
FoghatBest of, Volume 211992
FreeBest of Free11972
FunkadelicUncle Jam Wants You11993
Gabriel, Peter[self-titled] [scratch]11978
Gabriel, Peter[self-titled] [Security]11978
Gabriel, Peter[self-titled] [Melty-Face]11980
Gabriel, PeterSo11986
Gabriel, PeterUs11992
Garcia, JerryGarcia11972
Garcia, JerryCompliments11974
Garcia, JerryOld & in the Way11975
Garcia, JerryRun for the Roses11982
Garcia, JerryGarcia Band, Live 1991 (2CD set)21991
Garcia, Jerry, Acoustic BandAlmost Acoustic11988
Garcia, Jerry BandHow Sweet It Is...11997
Gear DaddiesBilly's Live Bait11990
Gear DaddiesCan't Have Nothin' Nice11997
Geils, J., Band[self-titled]11970
Geils, J., BandFreeze Frame11981
Geils, J. BandFlashback (Best of)11985
Geldof, BobThe Happy Club11992
GenesisWind & Wuthering11976
GenesisInvisible Touch11986
GenesisWe Can't Dance11991
Georgia Satellites[self-titled]11986
Georgia SatellitesOpen All Night11988
Georgia SatellitesAnother Chance11989
Georgia SatellitesIn the Land of Savation & Sin11989
Gillan & GloverAccidentally on Purpose11988
Gin BlossomsNew Miserable Experience11992
Glitter, GaryRock And Roll (Greatest Hits)11998
Go-Go'sGreatest Hits11990
GodfathersBirth, School, Work, Death11988
GodfathersMore Songs About Love & Hate11989
GodfathersUnreal World11991
Golden EarringMoontan11974
Golden EarringRadar Love (EP)11988
Grand Funk RailroadThirty Years of Funk 1969-199931999
Grateful Dead"Greetings from the Living Dead" (Bootleg CD)11966
Grateful Dead[self-titled]11967
Grateful DeadTwo From the Vault (Double CD)21968
Grateful DeadLive/Dead11969
Grateful DeadAmerican Beauty11970
Grateful DeadWorkingman's Dead11970
Grateful DeadAnthem of the Sun11971
Grateful DeadAoxomoxoa11971
Grateful Dead[self-titled] [Live album - skull & roses]11971
Grateful DeadEurope '72 (Vols 1&2) - 2CD Set21972
Grateful DeadHundred Year Hall21972
Grateful DeadWhat a Long Strange Trip it's Been (2CD Set)21972
Grateful DeadHistory of the Greatful Dead Vol 1(Bear's Choice)11973
Grateful DeadWake of the Flood11973
Grateful DeadFrom the Mars Hotel11974
Grateful DeadBlues For Allah11975
Grateful DeadOne From the Vault (Double CD)21975
Grateful DeadTerrapin Station11977
Grateful DeadShakedown Street11978
Grateful DeadGo To Heaven11980
Grateful DeadDead Set11981
Grateful DeadFor the Faithful (aka Reckoning)11981
Grateful DeadIn the Dark11987
Grateful DeadBuilt to Last (Collector's Box Set w/ cards)11989
Grateful DeadDylan and the Dead11989
Grateful DeadWithout a Net (Double CD)21990
Grateful DeadInfrared Roses11991
Grateful DeadDick's Picks Vol 121993
Grateful DeadJerry's Last31995
Grateful DeadDozin' at the Knick31996
Greatful DeadFallout from the Phil Zone21997
Guess Who, TheGreatest Hits11999
Guthrie, ArloAlice's Restaurant11967
Händel, George FridericWassermusik11983
Harrison, GeorgeCloud Nine11987
Hart, MickeyRolling Thunder11987
Hart, MickeyMickey Hart's Mystery Box11996
Hart, Mickey & Planet DrumSupralingua21998
Head EastFlat As A Pancake11975
Healey, JeffHell to Pay11990
Healey, JeffSee the Light11990
Healey, JeffCover To Cover11995
Healy, JeffFeel This11992
HeartDreamboat Annie11976
HeartLittle Queen11977
Hendrix, JimiAre you Experienced?11967
Hendrix, JimiAxis: Bold as Love11967
Hendrix, JimiKiss the Sky11984
Hendrix [various]Stone Free11993
Henley, DonBuilding the Perfect Beast11984
Hindu Love Gods[self-titled]11990
Hoi Polloi[self-titled]11992
Holly, BuddyOriginal Masters11985
HoopsnakesJump in and Hang On11990
HoopsnakesTen the Hard Way11995
Hootie & The BlowfishCracked Rear View11994
Hootie & The BlowfishCracked Rear View11994
Hootie & The BlowfishMusical Chairs11998
Hunter, IanShades of Ian Hunter11988
Hunter, RobertA Box of Rain11991
Hunter, RobertSentinel11993
Hüsker DüCandy Apple Grey11986
Idol, BillyVital Idol11987
Ipso FactoThe Best of Ipso Facto11998
Iron ButterflyIn-A-Gadda-Da-Vida11968
Jackson 5Greatest Hits11998
Jackson, JoeLook Sharp11979
Jefferson AirplaneThe Worst of Jefferson Airplane11970
Jethro TullThick as a Brick11972
Jethro TullAqualung11973
Jethro TullSongs from the Wood11977
Jethro TullStormwatch11979
Jethro TullUnder Wraps11984
Jethro TullA Classic Case11985
Jethro TullOriginal Masters11985
Jethro Tull20 Years of Jethro Tull (3CD Boxed Set)31988
Jethro TullRock Island11989
Jethro TullCatfish Rising11991
Jethro TullRoots To Branches11995
Jethro Tullj-tull dot com11999
Jett, JoanThe Hit List11990
Jett, JoanAlbum11992
Jett, JoanFetish11999
Jett, Joan, and the BlackHeartsI Love Rock N' Roll11981
Jett, Joan & the BlackheartsGood Music11986
Jett, Joan & the BlackheartsNotorious11991
Jett, Joan & the BlackheartsGlorious Results of a Misspent Youth11992
JGBWelcome To Our World (for members only)11998
Jones, HowardHuman's Lib11984
Jones, Howardone to one11986
Jones, HowardCross That Line11989
Jones, HowardLive - Acoustic - America11996
Jones, SteveFire and Gasoline11989
Jones, TomI Thank You1
Judas PriestBritish Steel11980
Judas PriestScreaming For Vengeance11982
Judas Priestpriest...live11987
Judas PriestRam It Down11988
KansasThe Best of Kansas11984
KansasLive at the Whiskey11992
King, B.B.Lucille Talks Back11990
King CrimsonIn The Wake of Poseidon11970
KinksLow Budget11979
KinksWord of Mouth11984
KinksThink Visual11986
KinksThe Road (Live)11987
KinksTo The Bone21996
Kinks, ThePhobia11993
KissAlive! (Double CD)21975
KissAlive II (Double CD)21977
KissAlive III11993
KissYou Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!!11996
Kiss [various]Kiss My Ass11994
Knack, TheRestrospective11992
Koerner, Ray & GloverBlues, Rags & Hollers11963
Koerner, Ray & GloverOne Foot in the Groove11996
Koerner, Spider JohnNobody Knows the Trouble I've Been11986
Koerner, Spider JohnRaised By Humans11992
Koerner, Spider JohnStarGeezer11996
KraftwerkDie Mensch Maschine11978
KraftwerkComputer World11981
KraftwerkElectric Cafe11986
Lake, GregFrom the Beginning (Retrospective)21997
Lamont Cranston BandUpper Mississippi Shakedown (Best Of)11993
Led ZeppelinI [self-titled]11969
Led ZeppelinII11969
Led ZeppelinIII11970
Led ZeppelinIV (Runes)11971
Led ZeppelinHouses of the Holy11973
Led ZeppelinPresence11976
Led ZeppelinThe Song Remains the Same (Double Live CD)21976
Led ZeppelinIn Through the Out Door11979
Lennon, JohnShaved Fish11975
Lewis, Huey & The NewsTime Flies... (Best of)11996
Little Feat[self-titled]11971
Little FeatSailin' Shoes11972
Little FeatDixie Chicken11973
Little FeatFeats Don't Fail me Now11974
Little FeatThe Last Record Album11975
Little FeatWaiting for Columbus11978
Little FeatDown on the Farm11979
Little FeatLet It Roll11988
Little FeatRepresenting the Mambo11990
Little FeatShake Me Up11991
Little FeatAin't Had Enough Fun11995
Little FeatUnder The Radar11998
Little River BandGreatest Hits11982
Loggins & MessinaThe Best of Friends11976
Love & Rockets[self-titled]11989
Lowe, NickJesus Of Cool11989
Lowe, NickParty of One11990
Lynne, JeffArmchair Theatre11990
Lynyrd SkynyrdGold & Platinum21979
Manfred Mann's Earth BandSomewhere in Afrika11984
Mango JamFlux11996
Marley, BobRebel Music11986
Marley, ZiggyPlay the Game Right11985
Marley, ZiggyConscious Party11988
Marley, ZiggyOne Bright Day11989
Marshall Tucker BandStill Smokin'11992
May, BrianBack To The Light11993
Meat LoafBat out of Hell11977
Meat LoafBat Out of Hell II (Back into Hell)11993
MetallicaGarage, Inc21998
Metsa, PaulMississippi Farewell11994
Mickey & The HartbeatsHeartbits21968
Miller, SteveThe Joker11973
Miller, SteveFly Like an Eagle11976
Miller, SteveBook of Dreams11977
Miller, SteveLive!11988
Molly HatchetDouble Trouble (Live)11985
Money, EddieSound Of Money (Greatest Hits)11989
MonkeesGreatest Hits11995
Monkey MeetLive11992
Moody BluesVoices in the Sky (Best of)11984
MotörheadNo Remorse11988
MotörheadNo Sleep at all11988
MotörheadMarch or Die11992
MotörheadOvernight Sensation11996
Moxy FrüvousBargainville11993
Moxy FrüvousThe B Album11996
Moxy FrüvousLive Noise11998
Moxy FrüvousThe C Album12000
Mozart, Woflgang AmadeusSymphonien Nr. 40 & 4111988
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSymphonien Nr. 35 & 3811988
Murphy, WillieMr. Mature11988
NazarethExpect No Mercy11977
NazarethThe Fool Circle11980
NazarethThe Early Years11991
NazarethFrom The Vaults11993
Nesmith, MichaelTropical Campfires11992
Night RangerMidnight Madness11983
Night RangerLive In Japan11990
NirvanaIn Utero11993
Nitzer EbbThat Total Age11987
Nixon, MojoFrenzy11986
Nixon, MojoBo Day Shus!!!11987
Nixon, MojoFree, Drunk & Horny11989
Nixon, MojoRoot Hog or Die11989
Nixon, MojoOtis11990
Notting HillbilliesMissing... Presumed Having a Good Time11990
NRBQHonest Dollar11992
NRBQMessage for the Mess Age11994
Nugent, TedTed Nugent and the Amboy Dukes11968
Nugent, TedCat Scratch Fever11977
Nugent, TedNugent11982
Nugent, TedMotor City Madness11996
OasisDefinitely Maybe11994
Ocasek, RicFireball Zone11991
Orbison, RoyMystery Girl11989
Osbourne, OzzyBlizzard of Ozz11981
Osbourne, OzzyDiary of a Madman11981
P FunkParliament's Greatest Hits11984
Page & PlantNo Quarter11994
Parsons, Alan ProjectEye in the Sky11981
Perkins, CarlRhino CD311988
Petty, TomWildflowers11994
Petty, Tom and the HeartbreakersEcho11999
Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers[self-titled]11976
Petty, Tom & The HeartbreakersYou're Gonna Get It11978
Petty, Tom & the HeartbreakersDamn the Torpedoes11979
Petty, Tom & the HeartbreakersHard Promises11981
Petty, Tom & the HeartbreakersPack up the Plantation (Live)11985
Petty, Tom & the HeartbreakersLet me up, I've had enough!11987
Petty, Tom & the HeartbreakersFull Moon Fever11989
Petty, Tom & the HeartbreakersInto The Great Wide Open11991
Petty, Tom & the HeartbreakersInto The Great Wide Open11991
Petty, Tom & the HeartbreakersGreatest Hits11993
Philipsek, ReynoldReynold11993
Philipsek, Reynold D.The First Hundred Years (are the roughest)11996
Philipsek, Reynold D.The First Hundred Years (...are the roughest)11996
Philipsek, Reynold's Remarkable Rhythm CattleMemory Lane11992
Pink FloydMeddle [German import, first pressing]11971
Plant, RobertNow & Zen11988
Plant, RobertManic Nirvana11990
Pleasure BaronsLive in Las Vegas11993
Poi Dog PonderingVolo Volo11992
PoliceOutlandos D'Amour11978
PoliceZenyata Mondata11980
Pop, IggyThe Idiot11977
Pop, IggyBlah Blah Blah11986
Pop, IggyInstinct11988
Pop, IggyBrick by Brick11990
Pop, IggyAmerican Caesar11993
Pop, IggyAvenue B11999
PretendersThe Isle Of View11995
QueenA Night At The Opera11975
QueenThe Queen Collection31992
R.E.MOut of Time11991
R.E.M.Automatic For the People11992
RadiatorsLaw of the Fish11987
RadiatorsZigzagging through Ghostland11989
RadiatorsTotal Evaporation11991
RadiatorsNew Dark Ages11995
RamonesAll the Stuff (And More) - Vol I11990
RamonesMondo Bizarro11992
RamonesAcid Eaters11994
RamonesAdios Amigos11995
Rau, JerryStreetsinger11995
Ray & GloverPicture Has Faded11993
Rebennack, MacThe Ultimate Dr. John11987
Red Hot Chili PeppersWhat hits!?11992
Redding, OtisThe Ultimate Otis Redding11986
Reed, LouTransformer11972
Reed, LouMistrial11986
Reed, LouNew York11989
Reed, LouBetween Thought and Expression31992
RockbitchMotor Driven Bimbo11999
Rolling StonesBeggars Banquet11968
Rolling StonesSome Girls11978
Rolling StonesEmotional Rescue11980
Rolling StonesTattoo You11981
Roth, David LeeEat 'em and Smile11986
Roxy MusicManifesto11979
RunawaysThe Best of the Runaways11987
Rundgren, ToddRunt, The Ballad of Todd Rundgren11971
Rundgren, ToddSomething/Anything (Two CD set)21972
Rundgren, ToddA Wizard, A True Star11973
Rundgren, ToddTodd11974
Rundgren, ToddTodd Rundgren's Utopia11974
Rundgren, ToddBack to the Bars (Two CD set)21978
Rundgren, ToddHealing11981
Rundgren, ToddThe Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect11982
Rundgren, ToddRunt/Hermit of Mink Hollow (2CD set)21988
Rundgren, ToddNearly Human11989
Rundgren, Todd2nd Wind11991
Rundgren, ToddNo World Order11993
Rundgren, ToddWith a Twist...11997
Rundgren, ToddOne Long Year12000
Rundgren, Todd [various]An Elpee's Worth of Productions11992
RushCaress of Steel11975
RushFly By Night11975
RushAll The World's a Stage11976
RushMoving Pictures11981
RushRoll The Bones11991
SantanaViva Santana!21988
SantanaSantana Jam11993
Seger, BobStranger in Town11978
Sex PistolsNever Mind the Bullocks, Here's the Sex Pistols11977
Simon & GarfunkelGreatest Hits11972
Spin DoctorsPocket Full of Kryptonite11991
Spin DoctorsHomebelly Groove11992
Spin DoctorsTurn It Upside Down11994
Spinal TapThis is Spinal Tap - Motion Picture Soundtrack11984
Spinal TapBreak Like the Wind11992
Splendid CreaturesGreatest Hits11996
Springsteen, BruceGreetings from Asbury Park, NJ11973
Springsteen, BruceThe Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle11973
Springsteen, BruceBorn to Run11975
SqueezeSingles - 45's and under11982
Squier, BillyDon't Say No11981
Stevens, CatGreatest Hits11974
Stewart, AlYear of the Cat (EP)11988
Stewart, MarkMetatron11990
Stewart, RodEvery Picture Tells A Story11971
StingNothing Like the Sun11987
Stray CatsBest of the Stray Cats11990
StyxThe Grand Illusion11977
StyxGreatest Hits Part 211996
SupertrampClassics (Volume 9)11987
SweetDesolation Boulevard11988
SweetLive at the Marquee11990
T-RexElectric Warrior11971
T-RexThe Slider11972
T-RexThe Peel Sessions11989
T-RexThe Essential Collection (3 CD Set w/Book)31991
Talking HeadsFear of Music11979
Talking HeadsSpeaking in Toungues11983
Talking HeadsStop Making Sense11984
Talking HeadsLittle Creatures11985
Tequila Mockingbird[self-titled]11991
Thin LizzyJailbreak11976
Thirty-eight SpecialWild-eyed Southern Boys11978
Thorogood, GeorgeLive11986
Thorogood, GeorgeBoogie People11991
Thorogood, GeorgeHaircut11993
Thorogood, George & the DestroyersHalf a Boy, Half a Man11999
Thorpe, BillyChildren of the Sun... revisited11987
Tin Machine[self-titled]11989
Tosh, PeterEqual Rights11977
Tosh, PeterNo Nuclear War11987
Tosh, PeterThe Toughest11988
Townshend, PeteEmpty Glass11980
Townshend, PeteDeep End Live11986
Townshend, PeteAnother Scoop (Double CD set)21987
Townshend, PeteThe Iron Man11989
Townshend, PetePsychoDerelict11993
TrafficLast Exit11969
TrafficJohn Barleycorn Must Die11970
TrafficThe Low Spark of High-heeled Boys11971
TrafficFar From Home11994
Travelling WilburysVol 111988
Travelling WilburysVol 311990
Tubes, TheThe Best of the Tubes 1981-198711991
U2Rattle and Hum11988
UtopiaOOPS! Wrong Planet11977
UtopiaAdventures in Utopia11980
Van HalenII11979
Van HalenWomen And Children First11980
Van HalenWomen and Children First11980
Van HalenDiver Down11982
Van Halen198411983
VangelisFriends of Mr. Cairo11981
Vaughan BrothersFamily Style11990
Violent Femmes[self-titled]11982
Vital SignsThe Boys and Girls are Doing it11989
Wakeman, RickJourney to the Centre of the Earth11974
Wakeman, RickRick Wakeman's Greatest Hits21994
Walsh, JoeGot Any Gum?11987
Walsh, JoeLook What I Did!21995
WarThe Best of War...and more11987
Weir, BobAce11972
Weir, BobBobby and the Midnites11981
WhoThe Who Sell Out11967
WhoWho's Next11971
WhoThe Who By Numbers11975
WhoFace Dances11981
WhoA Quick One (plus bonus tracks)11995
Who, TheQuadrophenia21973
WingsWings Greatest11978
Winter, EdgarShock Therapy11974
Winter, EdgarEdgar Winter & Rick Derringer Live in Japan11990
Winter, Edgar GroupThey Only Come Out At Night11972
Winter, JohnnySecond Winter1
Winter, Johnny[self-titled]1
Winter, JohnnyNothin' but the Blues11977
Winter, JohnnyGuitar Slinger11984
Winter, JohnnySerious Business11985
Winter, JohnnyEarly Heat11990
Winwood, SteveArc of a Diver11980
Winwood, SteveBack in the High Life11986
Wolf, PeterCome as You Are11987
Wolf, PeterUp to no Good11990
Wood, RonnieSlide on This11992
YesThe Yes Album11971
YesClose to the Edge11972
YesKeys To Ascension21996
Young, NeilLive Rust11979
Young, NeilLanding on Water11986
Young, NeilThis Note's for You11988
Young, NeilFreedom11989
Young, NeilRagged Glory11990
Young, NeilArc11991
Young, NeilUnplugged11993
Young, NeilSleeps With Angels11994
Young, NeilBroken Arrow11996
Young, Neil & Crazy HorseYear of the Horse21997
Zappa, FrankJoe's Garage, Acts I, II & III (2 CD set)21979
Zappa, Frank & the MothersWe're Only In It For The Money/Lumpy Gravy11985
Zevon, WarrenA Quiet Normal Life (Best of)11986
Zevon, WarrenSentimental Hygiene11987
Zevon, WarrenTransverse City11989
Zevon, WarrenMutineer11995
ZZTopThe SixPack (3CD set incl. 1st 6 albums)31981

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