Camera Givewaway

Originally posted 26. November, 2002. The camera was given away before Christmas 2002.

I'm giving away a RCA CDS1005 Digital Camera [warning: popup].

It's a cheap-ass little digital camera, and doesn't really work very well with Mac OS 9 (I haven't even tried it on Mac OS X yet), and I don't use it much anymore. It is small enough to tuck in a pocket, and cheap enough that if you think you might screw up your camera taking a picture, this is probably the one for the job.

I'm willing to give this camera to a reader who tells me why he or she should have it.

Just send me a note explaining why you think you should have the camera, and the best letter of the bunch will get a camera.

I'll try to send the camera out by USPS Priority Mail so it should get to you by Christmas. That means that the deadline for entries will be 4pm, Central Standard Time (GMT-0600), Sunday December 15th.

What do I get out of the deal? If there are any cool pleas for a camera, I get to use 'em on Dave's Picks.

The Rules

  1. Entries only accepted via the email form listed above.
  2. Don't mess with the subject line. I'm sorting the entries based on it.
  3. A valid email address is required so I can ask where to send the camera.
  4. Winner based on my determination of what tickles my fancy most.
  5. By entering, you grant me permission to use your entry on Dave's Picks.
  6. Deadline is 4pm (1600) Central Standard Time, Sunday December 15, 2002.
  7. I'll contact the winner via email to get your shipping address.
  8. Prize will be sent via USPS Priority Mail.
  9. Delivery of the camera is up to the post office.
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