Bug out (and in) bags

This is a set of lists of the things I keep around as part of my general disaster preparedness. I put the list together after Hurricane Katrina, while everyone seems to be thinking about this sort of thing. As I write this, I find it’s an awfully long list. Don’t let that daunt you. I’ve been accumulating this stuff for over ten years, and I still find more that I want to add, and remove or substitute a few items every year.

One of the other things about this list is that there are things on here I may not need. There’s a lot of “non-survival” or luxury gear on this list. Would having a folding table and chairs make the difference between life and death? No. But they might make the difference between sitting in wet grass vs. having a comfortable meal while on the road, so I think some of the luxuries are worth the space they take.

Combined with a cooler of food from the fridge and freezer on the way out the door, I’d be able to car-camp for nearly a week, or be able to have hot food even if city gas was off. Also, as was pointed out in this thread on lesson learned from recent NO bug-outs, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be alone. That guy had stuff for thirty days, but when thirty people arrived at his house, his supplies got used up quickly. That’s something that needs to be remembered, since I know I have a few friends who would come to me for help in a local disaster.

In the truck

This may sound like a lot of stuff to haul around every day, but a large amount of it is stored inside a Cargo Caddy - one of the best investments I made for preparedness. I find myself using most of the things on this list while tailgating, but I looking through the various lists, I’d be screwed if I tried to bug out without it. This is not designed for me to live from my truck for an extended period of time, but rather to ride out a bad situation long enough to get somewhere safe. If I’m away from home, it’ll help me get home. Or if I have to leave home, it’ll help me get somewhere else, and maybe make things less uncomfortable once I’m there.

Shopping list (truck)

Things I would like to pick up to keep in the truck. I’m in good shape for cooking supplies and tools, but short on shelter, and these are the things that would help remedy that.

Near the truck

These are items that are in the garage, handy to the truck. If I had to evacuate, I would plan on putting all of them into (or onto) the truck in a few minutes. Some are a regular part of my summer tailgating load, so they’re already packed during most of the summer.

In the bag

This happens to be my “range bag” so there are shooting accessories that I might not need, but I would rather have than not. I would definitely grap it if I had to bug out.

shopping list (bag)

Things I should add to make this a truly grab-n-go bag.

Near at hand

Things I should probably have a duplicate of in the bug-out-bag and truck, but which I use so frequently that they’re generally easy to find.

Scattered around the house

Things that I wouldn’t take with me if I left, but which would be very handy if I hunkered down at home for a week without services. A lot of these are things I use on a regular basis, but have spares of, just in case (where that covers everything from the power going out to having a client not pay me on time so I don’t get to go grocery shopping for a couple weeks). These are all things that I use regularly, so I naturally rotate my stocks.

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