Letter 2 from Mladen

I received this followup after replying to Mladen. More good material.

You can never hurt any leader in any country by using brute force such as mr. Clinton is trying to. It was quite evident from his trial in Monica Levinsky case what are his moral positions and how truthful his words are. If he had any moral in himself, he would step-down long before any procedure against him was issued. Obviously, he forgot his own refusal to go to Vietnam. But hunger for power is stronger than anything today.

Military action deployed by US forces world-wide has never achieved their proclaimed aims. All world leaders marked as "bad guys" still rule in their countries stronger than ever. Same situation is with Yugoslavia. USA led NATO forced people in Yugoslavia to stand more firmly together, to forgot political differences to defend themselves from attack. Mr. Milosevic (pronounced as Miloshevitz) is again stronger, just as he was after loosing all conflicts in former Yugoslavia.

One can never expect for democracy to develop if you close all communications with the rest of the world. Quite contrary to present actions against Yugoslavia, if main goal is integrating Yugoslavia in international community then one must open not only mind but perspectives for economical and social integration in the rest of the world. I can't tell how many rapes there were or were there ethnical cleansing and quantity. The gap between national communities in former Yugoslavia as well as gap today between Serbian and ethnical Albanians in Yugoslavia was only widened by actions taken by USA, Europe and UN. One of the things they forgot is that there are a lot of Albanians living in whole Yugoslavia. What is now happening to them? It seems that no one cares, but they are facing revenge for NATO bombing and killings of Serbs in Kosovo. I have personally seen demolished shops owned by ethnical Albanians (usually bakery and ice cream shops and milk restaurants).

The first thing that must be understood is that there is no such thing as demonizing whole nation. Not all Serbs nor Albanians the same. In fact, Serbs are well known for their openness and hospitality. You can make such strong friendship on first contact that are really met in western culture (it is known here as great Slovenes soul: it is usual for Serbs, Russians, Bulgarians etc.) But there are always some guys from corners who seek evil. One should not judge whole nation according to actions of few.

Second thing however is famous Albanian problem. There are two types of Albanians: those living in cities who accepted civilized life and others living in closed communities. Those living normal life (having shops and working hard as anyone else have to) are transparent members of community: you only know that they are ethnical Albanians by their names. Others, living in closed communities, still obey to some strict family rules (Leka Dukadjini, pronounced as Lekka Dookadyini, codex) which corespondent to customs which were needed in mediaeval times to survive. I served regular army in Kumanovo in 1985 (today in FRY Macedonia, on border to Serbia) small town populated by ethnical Albanians, Macedonians and Serbs. Then I first saw what that means.

Their home is small house populated with at least one family. Families usually have around 10 children. That is heritage from times when farmers needed great family to work in field. Also lot of children used to die from hunger or disease. That is not case from second world war, after post war communist government forced them to learn how to take care for hygiene: my grandmother was educating their families in Kosovo and Macedonia in forties and fifties. Around their house is high wall (6-8 ft) with broken glass stuck at top. That is precaution measure to protect their wife's being stolen. Their wife's are not allowed to walk beside them: they rarely go out when they walk 6-10 feet behind man, usually dragging and holding two to three kids wearing sand coloured long raincoat and head (hair) covered. While there we were warned that we may experience some hostilities because they may have seen army first time since WW 2. Where ever I was with my company we never experienced anything like that. However, they ran from us and refused any contact although we were unarmed (just camping). Army in that times (70's and 80's) had been known for repairing infrastructure, building roads and helping people in natural catastrophes.

I founded company Tipografika in 1990, working as service bureau for prepress, scanning and imaging. First I had intention to produce fonts and work on adaptation to our language (we use Latin and Cyrillic alphabet equally). But without authorship regulations you can't sell intellectual property. I'm familiar with programming and after writing some in-house utilities, for DOS and Windows, now I'm working on first Mac program for printing font catalogue and organizing and managing font library. I hope I will have something by fall. Also from October I will start first printing and prepress magazine in Yugoslavia. It will start as quarterly issue. I will send you first issue.

I don't have any links ready, but I will pass you some during this week. In the mean time, you can visit http://welcome.to/win99 to see work of my friend who used ads for popular brands to present situation we currently live in.

You have invitation at any time to come and be my guest in Novi Sad.

If you have any further questions I'll be glad to help you.


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