Letter to my representatives about Kosovo

I sent this letter to the following elected representatives: Martin Olav Sabo, Rod Grams, Paul Wellstone, and Bill Clinton on 24. March, 1999. The Kosovo Situation has the responses and followups to this letter.

Dear Representative,

I strongly urge you to do what you can to halt the current madness the US and its NATO allies are undertaking in Yugoslavia and Kosovo.

I do not believe that either NATO or the US has the right to wage war upon a sovereign nation which has not attacked us, no matter how atrocious its acts. This is similar to attacking China in order to free Tibet. While removing Milosevic from power is as worthy a goal as freeing Tibet, neither the US nor NATO has the authority to do so. This authority properly rests with the UN Security Council, and to attack without the support of the Security Council, if not outright illegal, is certainly immoral.

Please stop the madness. This criminal behavior makes me ashamed to be an American.

Dave Polaschek

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