14. March, 2010 - sporadic updates

Sorry for the lack of updates. The hard drive on my server died, and I’ve been busy trying to get everything transferred to a new server (I’m actually on my second, and may move to a third before everything settles down).

The current server has a limit on the amount of space I can use that’s about 40% of what I was using, so there’s lots of stuff missing, most notably the pictures I was hosting. I’m slowly moving them to my flickr account, though that solution doesn’t make me entirely happy, either.

The other thing that’s been slowing down updates is that the new server has much lower limits on memory usage, which means that some of the larger pages, like my list of quotes wouldn’t even process correctly. I’ve been fixing things like that as I go, but it’s not a speedy process.

Plus, I’ve been busy at work, so I haven’t had (or wanted) a lot of extra time for messing around with computers. I’m hoping to have things back to more or less normal around here by summer, but we’ll have to see what happens. Given the immense pain in the butt this has been, I’ve been thinking about just hiring someone to convert everything to WordPress and dumping my hand-written collection of bailing wire and duct-tape.

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